Martha by Mail ~ Embosser Set

Embossing is a great way to add a bit of understated luxury to a gift or letter.  Having a monogram, image or a few choice words embossed onto a label, tag, card, envelope or sticker allows one to personalize gift giving for special occasions.  A deluxe embosser set from the former Martha by Mail catalog is one that I use often throughout the year for birthdays and holidays.  If I'm putting together a box of gifts or baked goods for loved ones near & far, I always reach for a disk from this set to embellish the gift.  A kind note or letter on fine paper expressing well wishes gets embossed, as do the tags or foil labels I like adding to whatever it is I'm gifting.  It's a nice way of letting the recipient know that I took a few moments to put some thought & effort into the packaging.

Printed wedding invitations with embossed announcements and RSVP envelopes are de rigueur whenever a couple is planning such a festive occasion.  To my mind it gives a sense of sophisticated elegance to tradition without being over the top or in poor taste.  A monogram of the couple's first initials with an appropriate symbol is always nice to have for future correspondence or perhaps the home address of the newlyweds.  Bookplates for your burgeoning collection of printed books are traditional and a nice touch, to be sure, but why not emboss your initials or name onto the title page to establish provenance?  Whether you're embossing letterhead, tags, labels, stickers, envelopes or books, this type of personalization will set your item(s) apart from the every day. 

One doesn't have to own this deluxe set from Martha by Mail to enjoy embossing crisp images or text onto paper.  Many stationery stores sell the handles along with the disk inserts in your choice of designs.  Let the images below from my home & from Martha by Mail serve as a guide.  It is possible to have something similar reproduced today.     

Deluxe Embosser Set with 5 disks.

Elite handle with an embossing disk inserted ready for use.  The paper gets placed between the upper & lower disks and the handle gets pressed firmly for a crisp image. 

Martha by Mail catalog image of the deluxe set imprints with 'floral sprig'.

Embossing images from Martha by Mail.  An icon was offered along with your choice of monograms and text.
The Designs: Garden Tree, Bee, Daisy, Acorn, Floral Sprig, Lily of the Valley, Star & Snowflake.
Icon, monogram & text.
Special Use Disks: Kitchen of, Library of, Duck & Deer baby announcement, Handmade with Care by.
From my personal collection of embossers.  Foil stickers and tags made from embossed paper & mint green velum are ready to be attached to gifts.

One of my favorite embossers from Martha by Mail.  I chose a honeybee imprinted with 'It's a good thing'.  This gets used for items that have a special meaning or for those that come from the heart.  I like hearing from recipients who say their loved ones get a great big smile as soon as they see one of these labels. 

My baked goods always get embossed with another one of my favorite images.  'From David's Kitchen' promises delicious good things for those who get them.

A single 'D' embossed onto a piece of mint green paper. 
Simple & elegant.


  1. I chose a honeybee imprinted with 'It's a good thing to be used as Eid gifts to Pakistan.

  2. Did you really? How wonderful to that you were able to do that. Thanks for visiting Muhammad!


  3. Where can I still purchase one of these sets? Thank you.

    Cher Lutz


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