A Storm Update

Dear Readers,
I hope everyone in the Northeast is safe this morning.  Most of us who were in the path of Hurricane Sandy are just beginning to assess the damage done to our homes & surroundings.  Here in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, we had a lot fallen trees & branches as well as power outages Monday night; some of my neighbors are still without power.  Many streets and roads are impassable at the moment as a result, so I urge everyone to travel with great care and caution if you must be out.   

Thankfully our house is intact and nothing was damaged as the storm passed through on Monday.  Trees, branches and debris are being cleared from our home as we speak, so I won't be up and blogging for several more days.  Take care everyone. 



  1. Be careful and take your time! Hoping for the best for everyone!!!!

  2. I have been thinking of you and waiting for your update. Grateful that you and your beautiful property remain intact and well.

    Sending you and all those suffering because of this storm my love and support!


  3. Thank You Janet! We've slowly begun to get back on track here. Thankfully!



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