Capturing 2012 Fall Colors

Toward the end of the week we got drenched with so much rain that I thought we'd surely have our trees stripped bare of all their leaves before getting to enjoy the Fall colors.  Luckily, we seem to have been given a break by Friday afternoon, much to my relief.  As I was having my coffee Saturday morning while looking out the dining room window, I was amazed to see everything ablaze in such beautiful hues.  It literally felt as if our deciduous trees had decided to switch colors in the blink of an eye.  The large maples and lindens which divide the house and the barn, gave me the first clue as to the change.  Now was the time to begin photographing, capturing & cataloguing the changes around me, because otherwise I would completely miss my chance to do so.  Nature waits for no one.

The Driveway

After having a delicious brunch of wild-caught Alaskan salmon, oven roasted pommes frites, an escarole-romaine salad and some blueberry juice spritzers, I grabbed my camera and headed outdoors to inspect.  Leaves were strewn about everywhere, making that pleasant crunch as I walked over them going up the hill.  Since our driveway curves, it isn't always apparent what's happening beyond the barn until one reaches the bend a quarter of the way up.  I literally gasped when I reached that spot, because I was confronted with the colors I yearn for every single year around this time.  I can never tire of the beautiful spectacle that Fall brings to the Northeast and probably never will.  It's my favorite time of year. 

Just last week I showed you how our trees were slowly beginning to see a bit of their departure from the deep greens of spring and summer.  It is pretty amazing to me to think that within a matter of one week everything changed to what it is now.  Very soon all of our plant material will go dormant as the weather gets colder and the daylight gets shorter, but for now, let's enjoy Fall's beauty while it lasts!

I began my walk up the hill before noon on Saturday.

It always amazes me when I see this in October.

The barn driveway.

 This was such a different scene only a week ago

 Looking down the driveway you can see the 18th century colonial. 

The stone bank barn rests along this incline.  Dogwoods are so breathtaking to me that I consider them among my favorite trees. 

 Another view of the same spot just behind the annex.

 Look at the large specimen trees which surround the meadow!

Aren't they gorgeous?

A view down one end of our winding street with maples in bright colors.

This neighbor across the street whose house is shielded by a bank of evergreens is also experiencing Fall's splendor. 

 A quick look down the leaf-covered driveway, one would never guess that a house lies at the end of it.

 Here is a quick glance as I made my way through a trail back home.