I am so thrilled to announce the beginning of Crafting here on Good Things by David.  The subject is one I have been wanting to delve into for quite some time and thanks to my friend, Christian Tamez, you will now have the opportunity to create & explore many wonderful crafts in the future.  By joining forces with Christian, the blog will showcase one well thought out project every single month for all of you who craft.

The reason I wanted Christian to head the crafting side of the blog was because I have always appreciated his creativity, his expertise and his attention to detail.  With clear step-by-step instructions, along with how-to videos, my friend will guide you through the crafting project of the month.  

I think this is the start of a very good partnership here on Good Things by David, so do stay tuned, because we plan to explore a wide range of seasonal crafts each and every month. 

Crafting begins tomorrow!

Inspiring ~ Creating ~ Sharing


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