Martha by Mail ~ Cat Cookie Cutters

A set of furry feline cookies decorated in adorable shades of royal icing would make the perfect gift for any cat lover.  These clever designs were an exclusive creation for the Martha by Mail catalog many years ago, and collectors can’t seem to get enough of these cookie cutters.  I don’t blame them.  

Charming as a host or hostess gift, the edible kitties can be designed to look like true cats that many of us own or they can be made to look unlike any cat we know.  Pipe a dot here, a dot there or give the kitty cat whorls of color any which way you choose.  If you want to be nice you can add a little bow of royal icing or flock the cat to accentuate the design.  Whatever you do, make them adorable and make them your own.  Everyone is going to want one.

Return to these copper cookie cutters and their clever designs so that you can create your very own cat cookies.  

For collectors and bakers everywhere!

Set of 5 cutters.

The cat on the left looks as if he or she is perched on a window sill looking out.  The body is outlined and flooded in white royal icing; this is left to dry.  A small bow in brown royal icing is piped on top and is immediately flocked with fine sanding sugar.

The cat on the right is a tuxedo cat standing on all fours.  Outline the bottom fourth of the kitty in white icing and flood it with the same icing.  Outline and flood the remaining cookie in brown royal icing.  While still wet, flock the cat in clear, fine sanding sugar; let this dry.  Pipe a small dot for an eye and let dry.

This domestic longhaired cat is very luxurious to say the least.  The top coat is piped with a light brown/gray color and the bottom coat is piped in white royal icing.  The kitty is flocked in fine sanding sugar.

The silhouette of this cat as it sits upright is completely unique.  White royal icing is used to outline and flood the cat.  Brown dots are then piped throughout the cookie while the base is still wet, and then each dot is given another white dot on top of that while it is still wet.  When dried, the polka-dotted cat will be ready for gift giving.

Looking as if it’s ready to eat a meal, the cat on the left is bubbly and cute with its curled tail and sleek outline.  A base of cream-colored royal icing is used to outline and flood the cookie.  Once dried, the body is accented with various-sized dots of light brown royal icing.  Adorable!

The calico on the right with its upright tail is ready to pounce!  Outline and flood this cookie in white royal icing and while still wet, fill the top portion of the body with various odd-sized dots in contrasting colors.  Don’t forget to give the kitty some mittens and socks.  Meow!


  1. So nice of you to feature Janet's cookies of her beloved Bing. All of the cat cookies are very lovely and creative.

  2. Thanks Paula! I love kitty cats and Janet's cookies were superb, so I had to include them.

  3. Never knew these existed! You're the MxM expert to the stars, David!

  4. Thanks Andrew!! I have some exciting news for everyone in the near future, and I'm going to ask you for a favor.


  5. Consider it done, David! (Excited about the upcoming news!!)

  6. Thank you, David - you are the best kind of friend!



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