An Unexpected Gift

Just the other day, for a few minutes, it felt as if I had gone back in time.  The mailman was coming down the driveway to deliver a package from a reader who said that there were some “good things” she wanted to send me.  After signing the slip and getting the box, my eyes immediately zeroed in on the Martha Stewart ~ Catalog for Living logo emblazoned on the side.   

The Box

Time warp circa 2001.  

I couldn’t get into the house fast enough to reach for a box cutter!  Well, when I opened the package I quickly realized that this was no ordinary shipment.  After getting through the bubble wrap and packing peanuts, I found 4 boxes that were carefully wrapped in light-green tissue paper, which, incidentally, was the exact tissue paper that every Martha by Mail order was shipped with.  

What were those boxes you ask?  Each contained a set of highly collectible Martha by Mail copper cookie cutters, all in their original boxes!  What you must understand is that the sender of the box, Aurelia, is starting a collection of these desirable copper cutters and is on her way to having just about all of them; she’s a determined collector.  These were ‘extras’ for her.  

You may recall that she shared with us the images of that wonderful little [Booklet] I wrote about last week.  To graciously be willing to send these 4 sets of cutters is  simply unimaginable!  I don’t think I can ever thank Aurelia enough for these gorgeous gifts.

I would like to share them with you.  Not only are they gorgeous sets of cookie cutters, they’re  also wonderful to have in the archives of Good Things by David.  In the future I will give each of these cutters their own separate entries, so do look for them.  If you're a collector then you will understand that they’re an important part of the Martha by Mail line. 

In the meantime, why don’t we take a look at what arrived at my doorstep this past Friday.

Even the boxes were carefully wrapped in that coveted tissue paper.

 The Martha by Mail Baby Shower Cutters and the Easter Marshmallow Cutters!  

These sets only come up for auction once in a great while.  I've already made up my mind as to how they will be used in the coming months.  

Egg Cookies!!  Although I've already written about these cutters, I did not actually possess them until this past Friday.  They've eluded me for years, but thanks to Aurelia, I now have a perfect set!

I'm obsessed with eggs and these beautiful cookie cutters are going to be treasured for years to come.

The Leaf Cutters are very special too.  I can't wait to use these this fall to create gorgeous cookies for my family.

These are the cutters nestled in the original box with shredded paper.  Gorgeous!

Again, THANK YOU Aurelia!!  

You have made a collector of Martha by Mail a very happy person!!



  1. What a wonderful and generous gift! Obviously your readers know the path to your heart, David. No one deserves this kindness more than you.

    The baby shower cookie cutters is HIGH HIGH HIGH on my wish list so it thrills me especially so to see that you now own them!


  2. Thank You for saying that Janet! I honestly feel that it's important to put all of this down for present & future collectors (as you well know!).

    Aurelia's generosity is something else. She truly is remarkable for having done this!! I am forever going to be grateful to her.

    As to the baby shower cookies, aren't they just the cutest things?



  3. Oh my! What a wonderful, wonderful gift! I have to admit.. I had tears in my eyes reading this entry.. how very kind of Aurelia.. kindness always touches my heart.
    I'm so happy for you!

  4. Kenn,

    Yes, I agree with you 100%-- a most wonderful gift!! Aurelia's kindness is really remarkable.

    Happy tears, Kenn. Happy tears!


  5. David, I believe this falls under the auspices of "good things happen to good people". How lovely to have such an unexpected and much desired gift!
    Aurelia knows you will use and care for those cutters. Besides, I have a feeling, in the short time I've been following your blog, this is something you wouldn't hesitate to do for someone else, as well.
    Enjoy, my friend!

  6. Thanks Nancy!! I try my best to put out positive energy and goodness to the world, not only through this blog, but through my every day interactions with people.

    Aurelia is truly a special individual and I've already made up my mind how I am going to return the kind gesture. I can't say a word though...Shhhhh!! :)


  7. Oh my goodness. How sweet of her for gifting you with those! That is so kind and generous.

  8. Isn't it extremely generous, Mecky?? I'm going to surprise Aurelia very soon with a few Good Things!

    Shhhh.... ;)


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