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Quite recently I was given a small catalog by my good friend, Janet, to add to my collection of Martha by Mail items.  I had not been aware that such a booklet existed, so when it arrived I was beyond thrilled.  The very early sets of copper cookie cutters had their own dedicated catalog that was sent to customers who bought them in the late 90s.  In it, iced cookies were shown with or without the cutters, along with brief descriptions of what they were.  This was an antecedent to the much larger catalog that was later to be published on a quarterly basis.  Many of these images were used throughout the years in the Martha by Mail catalog as well as in Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Since the little catalog is indeed rare, if you ever come across one I encourage you to keep it in a safe place.  You can make copies of it to have in your kitchen (like Janet has done) so that you have a reference when you’re icing and decorating cookies, but keep the original intact and smudge-free.

There are only a few pages in it, and some of the images may already be familiar to you (I’ve written about all of them already), but it’s good to go through this little gem of a booklet.  

This is for all of you who collect Martha by Mail passionately.

Martha by Mail Cookie Collection Catalog

"Martha likes to decorate these animals colorfully with royal icing and sugar--green elephants, blue lions, polka-dotted polar bears.  Handcrafted in durable copper, these beautiful animal silhouette cutters have rolled edges to protect the baker's hands.  Each cutter is stamped with our logo.  Complete set includes nine animals ready for gift-giving in a sectioned, ark-shaped box; dove (smallest, 2 1/2"), alligator, bear, elephant, horse, lion, kangaroo, lamb, and giraffe (tallest, 7").  A reusable template makes the ark, and an instruction booklet provides recipes for cookies and royal icing, plus decorating techniques and ideas." 

Cookie Decorating Kit


Heart & Hand Cookie Cutters

Miniature Butterfly Cookie Cutters

 Thank You Janet!!


  1. You are such a darling friend, David. It was my pleasure to share this found treasure with you. I knew no one would appreciate it more than you!

    Thank you for your kind mention. Now, if only we could find that little set of mini butterfly cookie cutters. One for you and one for me!


  2. David.. Thanks,again, for the information on the inserts that arrived with the cookie cutters. I have most of them and am surprised you say they are rare. Did MBM discontinue enclosing them after a while. I am an early user of the cookie cutters, think older! (yikes) so the 90's is the time I would have started to receive them.I also meant to thank you for the new way to clean the copper. I think I like it much better than the lemons. They really get bright.. but not too much.
    Love your blog and have a great summer!

  3. What a nice booklet you have there! I remember those cookies & cookie cutters so fondly, but never got the chance to buy them.

    THanks for the post!

  4. Janet, I can't thank you enough! I love having this catalog at my fingertips. As for those mini butterfly cutters, I have seen them on ebay before, so good luck!!


  5. Marion's Kid,

    Those inserts "Creating Cookies" are NOT rare. They were included with every single cutter set & did change at some point. I'll have to do another post on that too!

    What I meant was that this particular "catalog/booklet" called "Cookie Collection" is rare. I've never seen anyone post it up on ebay or have it in a set they were selling.

    Oh, yes, enjoy that CIA method of cleaning the cutters! Safe & effective. :)


  6. John,

    I know what you mean about missing out on them. There are things from the catalog I never was able to order and regret it to this day!

    Have a great one.


  7. Do you have the original sugar cookie recipe that came in the booklet? I can't seem to find mine and it was delicious. :)

    1. Yes! Copy and paste this link:

      Or type in "Creating Cookies Booklet" in my search box and it will take you to the original MBM recipe booklet.


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