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Let it Snow!

As I was busy baking and packaging up some cookies yesterday afternoon, a light snow began to fall.  Checking up on the weather forecast I wasn't too worried because the predictions were in the 1-2" range.  A light "dusting" at most.  Well, by the third hour of snowfall we knew that things were going to turn out a bit differently.  In total we must have reached about 6 inches by the early evening.

I've told you before that I love the first snowfall of winter, because the landscape seems to be blanketed in pristine beauty.  It's the digging out and the plowing of our driveway that tends to be a little bit of a nuisance.  But even that can be manageable as long as the snow isn't too heavy.

After the cookies were wrapped up and boxed for shipping, I put on my large winter coat, hat, gloves, scarf and headed outdoors.  With snow still coming down I just had to grab an umbrella in order to shield the camera from snow.  It was cold, mind you, and although I could have photographed with my gloves on I decided not to.  The buttons were just too difficult to maneuver through thick wooly gloves.  I was only able to be outside for about 10 minutes because my hands began to freeze, so I took just a few photographs for you.

As the song goes, "oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, and since we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"

This little fellow who was born this past spring was outside on the driveway before I opened the door.  Not ever having set eyes on snow, the little thing was having fun by digging his nose and rolling around in the powdery whiteness.

As soon as I opened the door the fox ran away to its den.  

My ever-inquisitive "Lion" just had to investigate what all the hullabaloo was about.  Since our little guy isn't a snow leopard it didn't take long for him to go back indoors to warm up.

You can see how it was still snowing and how deep the snow was getting.  Clearly not one inch by any means.

There is nothing like looking up toward the stone barn when it snows.  It seems to lord over the "tenants". 

This is more of an overview showing where the driveway actually is.  It didn't take long for it to get completely covered.

One of the benches next to the house was already getting buried.

I love this fir tree that stands majestically to the west of the house.  It looks as if it has been flocked.

Do you see these tracks?  They were made by the fox that was out and about on the driveway.

Looking up the driveway you can see how pristine everything seems.  

Ye ol' barn getting covered in snow.  I did encounter a few squirrels and a couple of birds here while taking photographs, but they didn't stick around for long.  They were looking for shelter.

The wall and steps that surround the barn's patio were already covered in thick snow.  I love how it piles and forms so compactly.

The side of the bank barn with its rough walls almost looks like a structure built out of gingerbread dough.

Here is another view.

At the top of the field you can see how bleak everything seemed that afternoon.  The wind was blowing and snow was falling, so it wasn't the type of weather one wanted to be out in for very long.

More of the snow-covered meadow.  

I hope everyone is having a wonderful winter.

Stay Warm!


  1. I'm with you on the first snowfall.. if only it fell just on the grassy areas and left our driveway alone! It's so peaceful after a beautiful snowfall. Perfect for the holiday season!

  2. It is beautiful David, but if this is what the forecasters call 1 to 2 inches, I would hate to see what 6 or 8 inches would look like! Hope that you are safe and warm.

  3. Kenn, if only it would just stick to the grassy areas!

    Amy, I've just looked at the forecast and we're getting more snow tomorrow afternoon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


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