Cookie Cutter Giveaway Winner!

The cookie cutter giveaway contest is officially over and I must say that I was so pleased with the enthusiastic responses from all of you.  Thank You!!  I wish I could give each of you a set of my wonderful cutters, but alas, I must pick a winner.  

Please email me with your information, Murphyboysmom5!

Bees & Hives are the perfect symbols of spring.  When I conceptualized cookie cutters for my blog over a year ago, a lot of thought went into their design.  I immediately knew I wanted a Bee & Hive set, because I realized that they were quickly becoming threatened.  This has been the case for many years now and I truly believe we all have to do our part to ensure that these wondrous creatures remain for centuries to come.  They are vital to our very existence.

Made in the tradition of my collectible Martha by Mail cookie cutters, each piece is meticulously constructed from brushed copper.  The hand-soldered cutting bands and closed backs, along with the stamped handles, make each piece very unique and, to my mind, extremely collectible.  

I hope that the lucky winner gets to use these cookie cutters for generations to come.  For those of you who want to create wonderful, whimsical and beautiful cookies using these unique cookie cutters, I invite you to acquire a set before they're gone. 

Happy Baking!



  1. Yay!!! Congratulations to the winner! What an awesome prize!!


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