We've Moved!

I just wanted to let you know that my online store, Heritage Home, has moved to a different venue!  We are now selling a mix of vintage and contemporary items on Etsy, where shopping for unique and collectible products couldn’t be easier.  It was time to give way to new opportunities on this website and I’m so glad I did.  With so many artists, artisans and vintage dealers on Etsy, my Heritage Home items seemed to be a perfect fit for this platform.  

A simple shopping cart and check out process will make acquiring the best of the best as simple as 1-2-3.  

I had been meaning to make this transition for quite some time and now that it’s a sure thing, I hope you take the time to visit Heritage Home by David.  My love for the antique and vintage will never wane, so by offering a few pieces of kitchenwares and other housewares from yesteryear, you too will be able to mix & match your existing collections with some of these hand-picked items.  It will almost be like having you go antiquing with me!
My friend, Janet, has also moved her Ouisugar store onto the Etsy platform.  Her cookie decorating kits are sold alongside some of her vintage finds which are always fun to see.    Click on her store link and check out what she has to offer!  

Both Janet and I invite you to go through our stores and pick what you want.  If for some reason you don’t find what you need, let one of us know!  We always like to hear from our customers.  

These moving trucks are busy getting the merchandise
over to Etsy.  Thanks, Janet, for recommending them!  

Shop for collectible copper cookie cutters, both old and new.

If you love milk glass go through these vintage pieces.

I love collecting cake stands.  These were finds of mine from
Haddonfield antique stores.

The soft glow of copper can always be found in my kitchen.

Among my most used items in the kitchen are these

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Stay tuned for an exciting giveaway this week!


  1. Congratulations on your move to etsy, David! This has been so fun and I know our success will continue there. You're so right about etsy being the better platform for our stores!

    Much love!


  2. Thanks a lot Janet! Good luck to us both!!

  3. Smart move David you now have what you need for your tasteful products - a huge audience. I know you will be very successful. Good luck to you on this St. Paddy's Day! j.

  4. Thank You Jojo!!

    I'm going to email you soon. :)

  5. Good for you! Etsy has been very good for my art sales, also it's just a fun place to be.

  6. You have a beautiful selection on your Etsy store - you really have a great eye!
    Also, love your table settings! Everything looks so elegant and delicious!

  7. Thanks Anette! You're very kind to say so.

    I try my best! :)


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