Christmas Cookies for the Kids

You would think that with all of the baking I've been doing this past month, I would not have an ounce of energy left to bake anything else.  Well, if we're talking about my niece and nephews, then this uncle will do his best to bake and mail out uncommonly good Christmas cookies without a moment to lose. To be honest, this is the the baking I like best.  Every moment that I spend in my kitchen making cookie doughs, rolling out the slabs, cutting out the shapes with those collectible cookie cutters of mine, and then icing the festive shapes, is always a pleasure, because I know that my little ones will be dazzled by each and every creation that arrives.

Although I didn't style these cookies for photography like I normally do (remember, these had to fly out the door!), I still managed to take a few photographs before mailing them.

Cookies bundled in sets of 2 were placed into clear cellophane bags and were tied with a pale mint-green grosgrain ribbon.  A mixed set of Christmas trees, candy canes, little penguins, stockings, cottages and mittens were iced with a minimum of fuss.  That beautiful gingerbread Christmas tree was simply flooded in white icing and was sprinkled with red, green & white nonpareils.  

The candy cane was iced in a typical red & white theme, but was then flocked with clear sanding sugar to make it sparkle.  If you must own one candy cane cookie cutter, buy this particular one with that beautiful swirled top.  Click HERE and have it shipped to you.    

This adorable penguin was shown at my Williams-Sonoma Christmas Cookie demo and the kids went crazy over it.  I created this black one and one in an ice-blue color.  Isn't it adorable?  

Holly-leaved mittens, Christmas stockings (my favorite) and those gingerbread cottages are on their way to my little ones as we speak.  I think they're going to like them.  

Christmas stockings and mittens are simple shapes, yet they are very much of the season.  The stocking in the middle of the photograph was iced in white royal icing and was then given a nonpareil-covered cuff and multi-colored buttons along the length of the sock.  

Christmas Cookies for the Kids

Baking has always been an important tradition in my family and it is one that I plan on handing down to my niece and nephews when the time is right. With only a handful of ingredients, some patience and clear instructions, anyone can make homemade treats that are worthy of tradition.  Take a moment to bake at least one batch of cookies before Christmas this year and let friends & family partake of your treats.  

Enjoy sharing the season's best!