Easy Cookie Packaging

As I prepare to hand out dozens of cookies this weekend, I thought I'd give you some quick tips on simple cookie packaging and wrapping for those holiday treats of yours.  Several of my friends are busy this weekend baking, icing and packaging up cookies to give away to loved ones, and I, for one, think it's great that a lot of you are rolling up your sleeves, donning an apron and piping away those beautiful designs.

When the decorating is finished and the cookies are left to dry, it's only a matter of packaging up and wrapping up those treats with as little fuss as possible, especially if one has dozens upon dozens to wrap.  Below are some easy ideas to help you get those treats gussied up and out of your house in no time at all.

I wanted to make mint candy-shaped cookies look like they were straight out of a bag of sweets.  With a stack of candy cane and mint decorated cellophane bags, I cut the closed off ends with a pair of sharp scissors.  I then placed a single cookie in the middle and tied off each end with baker's twine.

I also used clear cellophane bags.  This gives you a good idea of what I did.

"Peppermint Candy Cookies" are lined up on a platter awaiting their recipients.  I alternated clear cellophane bags with candy cane cellophane bags.  Don't they look enticing?

If you plan on simply dropping a cookie or two into bags, try this simple tip.  Use a snack clip to hold the open end shut after you've placed the cookie(s) inside.  

Tie with a ribbon or baker's twine until you have a nice shape and voila!

This is how you get all of your cellophane bags to look exactly alike.

I promise to show you step by step how to decorate these cookies later in the week.  

Happy Baking & Packaging!