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Art provides us with a glimpse into the artist's soul.  When I come across an artist’s oeuvre that I connect with, it's only natural for me to want to share it with friends.  Several weeks ago, a Pennsylvania artist who is a reader of the blog, contacted me and told me about her etsy store.  As you can imagine, the moment I clicked on the store and looked at the various watercolors that she offers, I knew I had to introduce you to her.  For me, it was the bird paintings that captured my attention.

This is what Kristina says:  "I am a self-taught artist working in watercolor and oil.  My goal is to show the things of day to day life in a new light.  Birds hold a particular fascination because we see them everyday, but they also remain mysterious.  The natural world as a whole is a constant source of inspiration for me and often I will draw from a recent walk, hike or gardening project to create a new painting.  Birds, cabbages and landscapes seem to be constant themes in my work.  I love light and color, and try to fill each subject I paint with both."

Visit her Etsy Store (above) for original artwork.

I absolutely love this painting of bees hovering over a cluster of orchids.  The pale mauve flowers anchor the painting and draw one's attention up to the striped bees.

A still life with a trio of apples blends shapes, textures and colors with such understated beauty.  Nothing is superfluous here.

This mixed media painting is a fine example of Kristina's use of color.  Blending shades of blues and greens, along with the curves and veining of the cabbage leaves, pulls the viewer in for a closer look.  This makes me want to unfurl each leaf to view more colors.

This is the artist at work in her studio creating the painting on wood.

Acorns are one of nature's little miracles.  Beautifully shaped, diminutive in size, yet perfectly nourishing for neighboring fauna, acorns have graced art work since the Renaissance.  What I like about this particular painting is that there is no artifice.  The subject (the beautiful acorn) stands alone, suspended on the canvas like a haiku.

Cardinals are special birds.  It's always a pleasure to view them from our windows because their crimson color cuts through anything in the landscape.  Showy in plumage, these humble birds brighten up any area in which they reside.  It's so wonderful to see them foraging in the landscape with their mate nearby.  They're almost always in pairs.  


Wax Wing Birds are Kristina's favorite feathered creatures during the winter.  With a bright berry between its beak, the artist's brushwork gives this bird a depth and a certain curiosity that would otherwise be devoid in a simple photograph.  

How can you not be captivated by the soulful eyes of this owl?  With the off-centered subject, Kristina gives this feathered-friend an anthropomorphic quality that is simply beautiful.

I think one of the reasons I connected immediately with Kristina's paintings was because of her subject matter.  When I look at her work and take in the color palette of each painting, I feel as if I'm taking a stroll around my own home or am looking all around the landscape, observing what's going on in nature.  Kristina is so adept at capturing the local flora and fauna through her beautiful artwork.  Her impressive oeuvre has a style and soul that is entirely her own. 

Thank You Kristina!

Visit her Etsy Store at: Kristina Closs ~ Woodpigeon


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I love her work - simply beautiful!

  2. Lovely! I've been a fan of Kristina's work since I saw it on Tumblr!

  3. I didn't realize she had a Tumblr account, Bernie! Yes, her work is wonderful and you know, she is having a gallery showing this coming month.

    Opening on the first Friday of February and running for the whole month, Kristina is displaying her avian works at, Mala Galleria in Kennett Square.

    Don't miss it!!


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