National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

It's National Chocolate Chip Cookie today, so I thought I would bake a batch of my all-time favorite and bestselling cookie.  For me, it's chocolate chip cookie day whenever the craving strikes and in order to satisfy that hunger, I turn to my favorite recipe.  

Happy Baking!!


  1. I can remember when chocolate chip cookies became the 'in-thing' (well at least in Australia) it would have been in about 1978 when Kellogg corn flakes put a recipe on the side of their cereal packet for Choccy Rocks.....all of a sudden they were everywhere - move over jam drops!

  2. David those look so buttery and delicious! And I love the Carmel color cake stand!

  3. @Phil, that is such interesting insight! I love it. Yes, it's amazing to think that chocolate chip cookies are a 20th century invention. I can't imagine having to do without them.

    @Coco, the cookies are perhaps my FAVORITE cookie of all time. As for the caramel cake stand, it's a Martha by Mail product. :)

  4. I vote bring back MBM. So many things I wish I had bought. And to think I threw all those MBMcatalogs away. Ahhhh!!!
    Who knew? Thanks David for the yummy recipe too!


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