American Flag T-Shirt Cookies

Let's display the star-spangled banner around our home and bake up some treats for the Fourth of July decorated in red, white, and blue.  If you're heading out to a parade, attending a celebratory gathering or are hosting a delicious barbecue, I encourage you to make iced sugar cookies with images of the American flag.  Let's celebrate!

This year I decided to make some t-shirt cookies with American flags to surprise some guests at a four-family gathering.  Rather than just having rectangular images of old glory, I wanted to include stars and hearts for variety and visual interest.  What I had in mind was a plain white t-shirt, with a bold image right in the middle.  True to my style of decorating cookies, I kept the images simple, yet thoroughly prominent.  There is nothing whatsoever difficult about these American Flag T-Shirt Cookies, and what's nice about them is that they can be made any time of year.  You don't have to wait for the Fourth of July to be patriotic.  

Make some this week for your festivities and place them out for everyone to enjoy.


This versatile T-Shirt cookie cutter was a recent addition to my collection.  What I love about the shape and size of the cookie cutter is that it has plenty room to get creative.  I can see this being used for birthday parties, school picnics, college treat packages, sporting events, company logos, etc, but it's just the thing to make American flag t-shirt cookies.  

It's up to you what cookie dough flavor you make, but do make sure that it's delicious and good to work with.  You want the cutouts to hold their shape.

There are only three colors you're working with here, white being the easiest. In order to get a true 'navy blue' royal icing, you need to tint a small batch with 'royal blue' until it's quite vivid and deeply saturated, and then you add one drop or two of black gel paste food coloring.  The 'flag red' is also treated the same.  Tint a small batch of royal icing with 'red red' gel paste making sure it is bright cherry red, then add one or two drops of black gel paste. Mix the colors together well and let the red and blue sit at least 30 minutes so that they have a chance to deepen even more.  If it's the color you desire, proceed with filling your pastry bags or squeeze bottles.

Although the flag centers of the t-shirts are quite simple, they still require a bit of thought.  Using a food-safe marker, trace a heart, star, and rectangle shape with small cookie cutters, making sure each shape is centered.  Divide the canton and stripes evenly within the shapes.  

Using a good, flooding consistency royal icing and #1 piping tips (or #1.5 if you have them), outline and flood the canton in navy blue, and then outline and flood the red and white stripes.  Do this step first on every single cookie you'll be decorating.

I let the flag shapes dry.  

The easiest step is using flooding consistency royal icing to outline the t-shirts (leave about 1/4" of space from the edge just in case the icing wants to shift a little) and then quickly flood the entire cookie in the white icing.  This is best done with a #3 plain piping tip.

The final touches are also very easy.  Pipe a plain white border on each star, rectangle and heart using a #2 piping tip.  Pipe small white 'dot stars' on each canton.  With #2 piping tips, pipe either a red or blue hem and neckline, then pipe the other color for the sleeves.  Let dry.  


Once the cookies are dry you can place them on platters or if you want to hand these out as party favors, slip them into clear cellophane bags.  I found these American flag stickers at a craft store and thought to seal each bag with one. Fold the opening of the bag behind the cookie and seal with a sticker.  Easy!

As I was telling my dear friend when I delivered these cookies, there won't be one left at the end of the barbecue because everyone is going to want one. Have fun making these patriotic treats!  



  1. Perfect cookies once again. Love the simplicity of the white t-shirt which really sets off the Stars and Stripes! Happy 4th to you and yours David.

  2. Thanks Happyvalleymom, that was the idea! Happy Fourth to you!!


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