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Summer Entertaining Favorites

Summer is a great time to entertain.  Everyone likes to have company over at least once or twice during the season, so that one can share good food, lots of laughs and the best of the best.  I'm all for going to the farmers market every single week to pick up the most colorful, juiciest and flavorful fruits & vegetables for us to feast on here at home, but if I happen to be harvesting summer berries or other fruits from the property, even better. 

Should I have company over for an afternoon luncheon or dinner, then I make an extra effort to bake a pie or a cake and pick the most flavorful meat for burgers or perhaps some Maryland blue crab for savory crab cakes, if I'm in the mood for them (this is most often the case during summertime).  After I choose a main course and at least one dessert, then everything else falls into place.  The dinnerware, flatware and glassware can be dressed up or down depending on the ambience I want to create.

Here are a few of my all-time favorite summer foods, drinks and desserts that I've been fortunate enough to have shared in the past.  When I look at each and every one of these food items, I almost feel as if summer wouldn't be the same without them.

Pick and choose what suits your tastes.  If you happen to be hosting a Fourth of July barbecue, a special birthday party or if you simply want to enjoy the company of friends and family this summer, any one of these recipes will see you through a pleasurable gathering.

Make sure to click on the highlighted links for recipes!

Every get together should have something refreshing for all guests to sip.  A simple lemonade, pink lemonade or an iced tea will undoubtedly quench the biggest of thirsts.  Of the utmost importance is to make them with fresh, quality ingredients.  Pick up a basketful of lemons, some fruity teas and some raspberries.  

The crimson-colored hibiscus iced tea is wonderfully easy to make, because it requires a small amount of ingredients.  I like to keep a jar of dried hibiscus flowers in my pantry so that I can make carafes of this tasty tea.  For the perfect lemonade, do use freshly squeezed lemons and a simple syrup to sweeten the drinks.  Whether or not you choose to drop some raspberries, strawberries or even blackberries, make sure you have plenty of this for your gathering.

While I don't have recipes for burgers, crab cakes or lobster rolls, I find these to be quintessential summer food for me.  Every region of this country of ours has their tried and true barbecue favorites, and I'm all for cooking what's fresh and what's available in your area.  

Burgers can be customized with any sort of fix ins.  I love cheeseburgers served with sliced tomatoes, sweet onions and lettuce.  The buns have to have a mix of mayo and ketchup (don't judge!).  However, I also love to add pickled onions and sliced avocado if I have any.  

If you happen to reside on the east coast and have access to the tastiest Maryland blue crab or lobsters, try some crab cakes or lobster rolls.  A good lobster roll, to my mind, must have a buttered potato bun, and be filled with a combination of tail and claw meat.  It should not be drenched or covered in lots of mayonnaise, because it's the sweetness of the lobster you want to taste. Crab cakes should not have too much binder or filling either.  A combination of jumbo lump and lump crabmeat makes flavorful cakes which can be served as appetizers or as a main course.

Can you imagine a summer without fresh corn or plump tomatoes?  I can't. For me, the moment I spot sweet white corn from the Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, I buy them by the dozen.  From nibbling them fresh off the cob with lots of sweet butter and sprinkled with coarse salt, to sautéing the kernels in olive oil or having them tossed into salads, corn is an American staple.  Tomatoes have to be garden picked or straight from the farmers market.  Eaten in sandwiches, salads, burgers or as is, get local, pesticide-free tomatoes and savor them all summer long.  Remember this:  never refrigerate tomatoes and use them as soon as possible.  

An asset to any cook is the perfect vinaigrette, because it can be used in any type of salad, and it can serve as a marinade for a variety of meats.  Make this vinaigrette once, bookmark the page and return to it again and again.  It's good!

Rice salads are surprisingly refreshing, because served cold, these types of salads can be eaten as a side dish or can be enjoyed as a main course.  I've been making my rice salad for over a decade and it's always a hit with people.  For those who are eating gluten-free diets, this is a nice alternative to regular lettuce-based salads.  Flaked salmon or tuna is completely optional.

It's a wise thing to have at least one or two vegetarian dishes at your gatherings for those who prefer them, and with a little planning, these can also be vegan.  If you like black beans, make a large pot of them the day before your get together and simply reheat when everyone arrives.  Quinoa is a nice , protein-rich side to have with just about anything.  A serving of black beans, quinoa and perhaps some summer corn, topped with a fresh salsa will have anyone asking for seconds.  Vegetarian and vegan doesn't have to be plain or boring.  Spice it up!

I know some people can't abide by egg salads, but I love egg salad.  My egg salad recipe is a good one because it isn't runny or full of mayonnaise.  With a handful of ingredients, this egg salad can be used for sandwiches or as a topping for any lettuce-based salad.  Fresh farm eggs are key.  Perfect hard boiled eggs can be made a day or two ahead of time, but do make sure they're cooked the right way.  Nothing is worse than an overcooked, rubbery egg.  Click on the link for a how-to with a timing guide.

My favorite part of entertaining is getting to the dessert.  Cherry Pie is the all-American dessert that I crave every single summer.  I scour the farmers markets for the best Montmorency cherries.  The sour cherries are bought in bulk and are then pitted and frozen, so that I can enjoy them throughout the summer.  These cherries are only available for about two weeks, so it's best to hoard them when they're available.  Serve great big wedges of this pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for your Independence Day celebration.

This recipe for Blueberry Muffins is the best one I've ever tasted.  It was given to me by my friend, Teresa, a couple of years ago and it has since become my family's favorite blueberry muffin.  Made with basic, wholesome ingredients, the muffins can be served with your boiled lobster dinners, fried or barbecued chicken, or any summer main course.  These are superb!

If you want to go low-cal and super healthy, make a patriotic-colored serving of yogurt with chopped strawberries, blueberries and maybe some granola.  This is a tasty dessert that anyone can construct on their own.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie is made every single year at my house, because the combination is super tasty!  There is so much goodness in each of these pies.  Aren't  you tempted?  Don't forget that in order to make a flavorful pie, other than having top quality ingredients for the filling, is to make the Best Pie Crust.  Click on the link for my recipe.  I use eggs and vinegar in my crust!

As I write this entry, the raspberry brambles are ready to burst with a plethora of tiny berries.  I like to eat them as is, but I also like to have a few scattered over yogurt or as a garnish for summer tarts.  

Coconut Cake is the perfect cake to serve for summer gatherings.  Downy coconut cake layers sandwiched with orange curd or lemon curd, get covered in an old-fashioned boiled icing.  The large flakes of coconut make each bite even better.  This type of cake is best kept cool before serving, because of the icing.  I don't recommend having this dessert sitting out in hot weather. 

However, if you want a stress-free cake to serve as a single layer, I suggest making easy Vanilla Cake Layers.  These can either be dusted with confectioners sugar or drizzled with a delicious vanilla glaze.  If you want to make them even more enticing, shower each layer with colorful sprinkles.  Don't forget some ice cream! 

Cupcakes will never go out of style.  For any summer party, red velvet, chocolate or even coconut cupcakes can be topped any number of ways.  These are ideal for anyone wanting something sweet and small, as opposed to a large slice of cake.  Kids of all ages love them!

I can't mention summer entertaining favorites without a shout out to the chipwich.  Homemade chocolate chip cookies are essential if you want your chipwiches to be hits at your party.  Assemble these the day ahead and keep them in the freezer until it's time to serve them.  Have sprinkles, jimmies and other 'enhancements' nearby.  These are best left until serving time.  You don't have to be a kid to enjoy one of these childhood favorites.  Make lots. 

By now you must know that I love a good sugar cookie covered in icing. Patriotic Star Cookies can be made all summer long, but they are perfect for the Fourth of July.  What I like about these little treats is that they are simply dipped in icing and are left as is.  Stacked on pretty cake stands in alternate colors, the red, white and blue cookies are so fun and festive.

How about some patriotic kitty cats or some flag cookies?  If you keep the decorations and designs simple, these too can be made with a minimum of fuss.  Go through that post and get an idea or two for party favors.  I guarantee everyone will want to take one of these cookies home.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer.  There is so much to enjoy right now, so much to look forward to and so much to be grateful for. Entertain friends and family at least once this season and make your gathering fun, festive and memorable.  With a few key ingredients, some imagination and the best of the very best, have fun entertaining this summer!



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