Lavender Sugar

If you grow lavender in your herb garden, chances are that you have a good amount of it at the moment since it's been so hot.  There is something soothing, yet bracing about the scent of lavender, whether it is used in soaps, countertop sprays, lotions and other products for the home, but have you ever had it in the form of sugar?  The wonderful thing about lavender sugar is that it is very simple to make.

Having a jar or container of lavender sugar is one of those little luxuries that you should indulge in every now and then.  To be able to sweeten your tea with a spoonful of it or to use it in a traditional pound cake, a batch of vanilla bean madeleines, or perhaps some tender shortbread cookies, is simply magnificent.  

A little bit of this beautiful herb goes a very long way when making lavender sugar.  I find that the enhanced sugar pairs very well with any tea which contains hibiscus, such as the one I'm having here in my vintage Wedgwood Queen's Ware.  

Note: dry out sprigs of lavender at least 1 week before making the sugar.

 Lavender Sugar Ingredients

  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 tablespoon loosely packed dried lavender buds
Yields 1 cup lavender sugar

Cut the stems of lavender into small pieces and remove the buds by gently stripping the woody stems.  The lavender buds will fall easily if you have given them sufficient time to dry out (I tie a bundle and hang it upside down in my kitchen).  Drop the buds into a small bowl and measure out 1 tablespoon.  If you're going to make a large amount of lavender sugar, use a large food processor for this purpose.  

Any excess lavender buds can be used for fragrant sachets or for a house mix of Herbes de Provence (herbes de Provence roasted potatoes are out of this world!).

In the bowl of a small food processor, pulse the sugar and process it until the buds have broken up and they are evenly dispersed throughout the sugar. Decant the sugar into a sugar bowl or container with a tight fitting lid.  

Use the sugar the next time you have a pot of tea steeping.  I think you're going to love it.

A simple process for a little bit of luxury will greatly enhance a cup of tea or a baked dessert any time of year.  If your friends, neighbors or family members are tea connoisseurs or "foodies", make a large batch of lavender sugar from the abundance in your garden and package the sweetness into mason jars or antique Ball jars.  Add a nice handwritten label and wrap the jars in some fabric or leave as is. Great for gift giving, a jar of lavender sugar is a nice addition to one's pantry. 

Make some this weekend!


  1. I cannot live without Lavender... Lavender in my bath, in my garden, in my home... Lavender water freshens my linens and lavender essential oil diffused here at work keeps me calm and focused. Lavender... Is a very, very good thing indeed!


    1. I couldn't agree more, Janet. Lavender is such a wonderful, classic scent that is good throughout the home. Tres chic! :)


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