The Dog Days of Summer in Pennsylvania

We're not the only ones experiencing the unpleasant heat and humidity of the dog days of summer right now, but it's to be expected throughout the month of August for much of the country.  I try my best to plan whatever outings I need to do early in the morning so that I'm not out when the sun is at its brightest and hottest.  Yes, I still take my walks around town and throughout our trails for that much needed exercise, but it gets done before noon.  

Just yesterday, I decided to take one of my walks with a camera in hand in order to take stock of what our place looks like right now.  It's good for me to document the landscape from season to season, year to year.  Whenever I get a chance to look through my photo library, I have to pause at some of those pictures that capture an idyllic moment here at home.

The area in front of the barn is where I stop to see what's going on around our home.  If the driveway is swept and free of twigs, branches, leaves, black walnut casings, acorns, etc., then it's the start of a good day.

From here, I make my way up the access driveway to the barn.  

The old three-story barn that sits along our driveway needed a bit of sprucing up, so the trim around the windows, doorways and eaves got repainted a few days ago by a crew of three.  I think I've mentioned before how much I happen to love that particular color, which comes from Benjamin Moore.  It's called 'Baby Turtle', and I find it ideal for outdoor spaces, but it's equally suitable for interior rooms as well.

Benjamin Moore Color Gallery
Go to the Benjamin Moore Color Gallery, and explore their vast color palette.  You can then find what color suits you, but if you're interested in this particular color from our barn, type the name in the search box for it.

The highlighted paint chip shows you what Baby Turtle looks like. 

The area behind the barn is a hill which is quite steep.  That's the whole idea of bank barn construction.

In the 90° F temperatures this particular morning, the shade provided some respite from the heat, but I can assure  you, it was still a bit uncomfortable to stay out for any period of time.

The pathways that are mowed around the perimeter of the meadow make a great course for walking the area.  I'm always on the lookout for squirrels, birds and deer.

This gives you somewhat of an idea of what the field looks like.  Tall deciduous and coniferous trees shield approximately four acres which are left 'wild' in order to provide sanctuary to the wildlife.

Here I am standing on the other side of the meadow.  You can't even see the barn from this angle, but it's on the left-hand side, past the horizon.

The birdhouses get used every single season by a variety of birds.  You have to be careful when walking near here, because you may be in the flightpath of birds arriving or leaving their homes.

I love walking through here.  To my friends: if you've ever been on the phone with me, chances are that we've been talking while I was walking through here.

If I make a turn into one of the pathways that leads off of the meadow, I end up in the area which is getting reforested.  I am very happy at the progress these trees are making.  Slowly but surely!
Although we've been experiencing a much drier than normal summer, I'm quite surprised at how green our grass is here in the woods.  I suppose that much of it has to do with the amount of trees in the area which provide lots of shade from the harsh sun.  Even so, we do need more rain.

Walking down my driveway is so much easier than walking up it since it is on a steep incline.

Isn't it amazing that half of the year has gone by already?  As soon as the school season starts, it's going to get busy, busy, busy for so many of us.  I know it's only August and that the dog days of summer are still here, but I'm already anticipating the arrival of Fall, because that means sweet, spicy scents from the kitchen and dozens upon dozens of sugar cookies & spice cookies that will be baked for individuals.     

Are you ready for Fall and Winter?  I know I am.



  1. It may be hot and steamy David but it sure is beautiful and looks like such a lovely place to take a leisurely walk, such wonderful surrounding you have, looks like lots of areas for a picnic. Thank you so much for sharing. j.

    1. You're welcome, Jojo! My daily walks are a must for me, because they help me focus and get me out of my "kitchen element".

      I hope you're having a good summer in Idaho and are looking forward to fall. Enjoy the rest of your week!


  2. Soul-satisfying scenery David - enjoy each day, live in the moment.

    1. I try my best to enjoy every single day and live in the moment, Phil. Have a great weekend!


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