'Rosalind' Pinotage Rosé, Painted Wolf 2015

Now is the time to be enjoying chilled rosé wines with our friends and family, and I couldn't be more enthusiastic about this South African pinotage by Painted Wolf.  For me, South African pinotage wines have their unmistakable terroir, which is why I've been an enthusiast of these wines for many years. Pinotage is very much a South African varietal.  It's only recently, though, that I have come to discover their rosés.    

From Painted Wolf comes this quaffable 'Rosalind' 2015 dry rosé, which hints of tart cranberry with some notes of underripe stone fruit.  Its smooth, dry, yet fruity flavor, complements so many dishes.  I can see this being paired with any number of pasta dishes, some fresh sushi or sashimi, but I can also see it being served with delicious grilled vegetables.  Enjoy this flavorful wine in the coming months!


  1. Not available in Australia from what I can see. It looks beautiful and i can just imagine the taste sensation.

    1. It's delicious, Mr. Home Maker. Even if you can't find this particular one in AU, look for other South African rosés. You'll like them!


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