A Guide to Jadeite by EstateSales.org

As many of you know, I love collecting jadeite.  I've written extensively on this subject here on the blog, and if you follow from time to time, you will note that I continue to display and use my pieces throughout the year. 

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by EstateSales.org if I would be interested in sharing my thoughts, knowledge, opinions and tips on collecting jadeite.  As enthusiastic as I am on the subject, I jumped at the chance!  

The article that the folks at EstateSales.org have written, provides you with great information if you're an enthusiast or a collector of jadeite.  It's a great thing to have information online for existing collectors and potential collectors of this green glass, because knowledge is power.  The more we know about what is available at estate sales, flea markets, antique malls and stores, the better off we are about making informed purchases.  

Please click on the link below to read what EstateSales has to say!