Organizing Baking Equipment ~ Batterie de Cuisine

One thing I love about drawer storage is that it gives me easy access to my batterie de cuisine.  Having some of my baking equipment in one area saves time and effort when searching for the right tool.  Nowadays, I don't have to hunt for that tart pan or those cookie cutters like I used to in my former kitchen whenever I bake.  Everything is in one place and within easy reach.  Take a look at how I fit some of my tools in just two drawers.

The top drawer shows you how deep & wide it is. 
Here I have set out what I will store in this drawer.  First, I layer my round springform pans (8", 9" & 10").

I put my silpats in mailing tubes to keep them tidy.  This also prevents them from being scratched or nicked.  Those are layered in sideways.  Click here to see how your silpats should be placed within these tubes.

Now it's time to put in my decorating cake stand with the iron base.  This is essentially a lazy susan which can be spun when icing a cake.  On top of that is my set of Ateco graduated cookie cutters.  I love these
because they come in all shapes and sizes.  To the right are my square cake pans in 8" and 9" sizes--two of each.

Now I layer in my fluted tart pans with removable bottoms.  These are made in France and come in handy when making quiches.

On the left is my shallow tart pan, along with two scoops and some measuring charts.  On the right are two nesting madeleine molds.

Finally I place these kitchen towels on top purely for decoration.  These were a special gift from a family member so they are treated very gently.

The second drawer is a bit more simple.  This holds my various muffin tins, a 9x13" baking pan, different
sized loaf pans, some reusable muffin liners and round professional cake pans. 

You wouldn't guess that these two shaker-style drawers set in the corner of my kitchen, underneath the dough counter, held so much equipment.  Setting my baking essentials in one place makes it easy for me to bake a loaf of bread, a batch of cookies or a special birthday cake with complete ease.  Keeping things here is definitely a Good Thing for me.   


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