Kitchen Towels

I don't know if you're like me, but one of the things I cannot live without is a good, sturdy, fluffy, white kitchen towel.  These multitasking towels are a must in a busy kitchen like mine.  From wiping up spills to drying dishes, a good 100% cotton towel will help make your life a bit easier and keep things clean.  Look for them in packs to save yourself some money & buy several to have on hand at all times.  I like all white towels because it makes laundering them a cinch. 

This is the type of towel I prefer for the kitchen.  100%  absorbent cotton.

For storage, I fold my towel in half lengthwise.

I then simply roll them up.

My storage container is a repurposed wine crate.  This was a lovely French Hermitage.

All of the towels are neatly rolled and stacked.  This box sits upright, underneath my prep area.  Flour sack towels fit snugly right behind--those are used for drying delicate glassware.

Dedicate an area for your kitchen towels and keep them handy.  One thing that I try to do these days is use less & less paper towels.  If you have many washable kitchen towels like me, I guarantee you'll be reaching for these time and time again.


  1. Is there a specific brand you like?

  2. While I don't have a specific brand of choice, I happened to buy mine from the former Martha Stewart Everyday line at Kmart. When I found out they were going to discontinue the brand, I immediately hit my local store & bought about 6 dozen. I've seen similar types at several grocery stores (they come in packs) and are usually labeled "Bar Mops".
    ~ David ~

  3. It really is good getting your money's worth with these towels! Thank you SO much for liking the blog!



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