Martha by Mail ~ Nutcracker & Mouse King Cookie Cutters

Plucked right out of the ballet that is performed the world over, the iconic Nutcracker & Mouse King are perfect for Christmas.  These images are just the thing for the little ones in your life.  How clever of the Martha by Mail catalog to have produced these beautiful cookie cutters for customers and aficionados of the ballet.  One of the things that I truly love about this particular pair is the sheer size of the cookies; plenty of room to express your creativity.  If you're thinking of attending a Nutcracker production this season, bake a set of these lovely cookies to share with the children (make a few extra for the adults!).  They will be just as enchanting and sweet as the characters in The Land of Sweets.  Merry Christmas!  

Martha by Mail Decorating Card.  A pair of gingerbread cookies are iced in various shades of royal icing.  The gallant Nutcracker is given such a wonderful hat & a most intricately designed coat.  The charming Mouse King in robin's egg blue is wearing a dotted coat fit for royalty and a dragee studded crown.  Sweet!

~ Caring for Copper ~

Catalog #KMB018

The Nutcracker

The Mouse King

Nutcracker Sweets from Martha Stewart Living magazine.  The Nutcracker itself is given flocked curly hair, a cute face with just a hint of blush, a mint green coat with piped sleeves & a dotted hem, along with a pair of red pants.  His head is crowned with a light blue hat flocked with sanding sugar and his feet have those unmistakable patent leather jack boots.


  1. Oh how much I love the nutcracker and mouse AND your site! I feel like its a support group for my Martha cutters! I have almost all of them!

    It's the Hilite of Xmas for me and I have a tree that is dedicated to the cutters!

  2. Ha! A support group indeed (thanks for liking my site!). I wish I had all of the cutters in my possession, but alas, I do not. I'll have a look at your site in a few moments. By the way, my cutters are going to be featured soon in a noteworthy blog, so stay tuned.



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