Ryan J. Greenheck

It's not everyday you come across great works of art while traveling through an airport.  On a recent trip I decided to take a stroll through the international terminal at Philadelphia International Airport while waiting for my flight.  Much to my surprise I discovered a wonderful exhibit of ceramic artwork.  Upon closer inspection, I realized that I was looking at unique vessels with some very compelling glazes & styling.  I love ceramics of all types, but the ones that caught my complete attention were those of artist, Ryan J. Greenheck.  Take a closer look at these magnificent pieces or art.   

This is his exhibit at the airport.  A small portion of his oeuvre.

The brief artist bio states: Ryan J. Greenheck uses the potter's wheel to create extremely precise forms that are both functional and beautiful.  His repertoire includes vases, jars and teapots along with complete dinner sets - plates, bowls and cups.  Greenheck received his Master of Fine Arts from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. 

The giant urn is stunning; it's called Large Honey Sprig Covered Jar.  I love how the finial on the lid echoes the shape of the actual vessel.  The ringed base anchors the urn beautifully.  The warm, earthy glazing is absolutely amazing. 

This decorative yet functional teapot is one of my favorite pieces from the exhibit.  I love the dark tones as well as the shape. 

The shape of this teapot reminded me of Wedgwood.  If you look very closely, there is a diamond pattern stamped around the body & lid.  This is part of a dinner service with the same pattern.  The pot is called Slip Trailed White Teapot.

Another jar.  Look at the beautiful glaze and how it seems to drip down the sides like rich honey.

This is a Blue Brown Sprigged Mug.  Generously proportioned and beautiful to behold.

This is a large tankard.

Perhaps my favorite of all his pieces is this dinner service.  It's from his White Slip Trailed Fishnet Dining Stack

Here's a closeup of his artistry.  The rim of the white earthenware plate has that beautiful stamped pattern with just a hint of color.  The inside of the bowl takes on even more color.  The texture, shapes & subtle hues of this dinner service can grace any table, both formal & informal. 

I know that art is subjective and that tastes differ greatly among each & everyone of you, but I think one can definitely admire the technique and use of color found in these choice pieces.  Ryan J. Greenheck does offer his work to the general public and I encourage you to visit his website for pricing and more information.  By the way, if you happen to find yourself at Philadelphia International Airport, his exhibit can be seen in the corridor between terminal A & B.  I hope you enjoyed discovering Greenheck's artwork just as much as I did.

Click here to see his oeuvre or email him at ryanjgreenheck@yahoo.com