Martha by Mail ~ Prancing Reindeer & Snowflake Cutters

A Prancing Reindeer & beautiful Snowflake are befitting in winter.  The pair of cookie cutters from Martha by Mail capture these wonderful images in solid copper and their craftsmanship is simply stunning; if you examine them very closely you'll come to admire the coppersmith's style and realize that no two cutters produced by him are exactly alike.  Introduced to customers in the very first Martha by Mail catalog (an insert in the November 1997 issue of Martha Stewart Living), the winter duo became very popular.  

Just imagine being able to trim a Christmas tree with a family of reindeer from the woodland while having giant snowflakes touch the pine boughs here and there.  If you own these cookie cutters I suggest you start baking with them now.  One can, of course, create stencils in these shapes and use the images below as a guide.  Get inspired & start baking!

The first Martha by Mail catalog.

Decorating Cards

Pipe antlers & hooves over dry satiny coats of royal icing.  Sprinkle wet icing with sugar for downy tails, chests and bellies.

No two snowflakes are ever alike: outline with piped royal icing or dust with colored sugar.

~ Caring for Copper ~

Catalog #KMB008

Prancing Reindeer Copper Cookie Cutter

Snowflake Copper Cookie Cutter

Images from Martha Stewart Living