Martha by Mail ~ Seahorse & Nautilus Cookie Cutters

Large cookie cutters in the shapes of a spiraling nautilus and an upright seahorse from the former Martha by Mail catalog are wonderful for creating large, beautiful cookies.  Made from solid copper by one of this country's finest coppersmiths, the cutters are unique in every way; no two are exactly alike.  These sea creatures can give any ocean-themed summer celebration a whimsical edge if you decorate them with delicious icing in bright blues & greens.  Imagine a wedding by the seaside or even a child's birthday party with several of these cookies gracing party tables.  Give them away as favors or make them a part of the dessert table at your next gathering.  Choose your favorite roll out cookie dough and create one-of-a-kind treats for the seashell collector in your family.

"The seahorse anchors itself to seaweed with its tail when it's feeding.  And in mythology, mighty seahorses were said to have pulled Neptune's water chariot.  The nautilus is a coiled mollusk found in the warm waters of the Indian and eastern Pacific Oceans.  The nautilus rests during the day and swims at night;  its shell is lined in mother of pearl."

Seahorse & Nautilus

 Nautilus Copper Cookie Cutter

Seahorse Copper Cookie Cutter

The large nautilus is flooded in white royal icing which is left to dry completely.  An outline is piped in a sea green hue following the lines of the nautilus spiral.  The border is flocked with clear, fine sanding sugar.

This seahorse is flooded in white royal icing.  Peach colored lines are piped along the length of the body and green swags are piped across the body.  These are flocked in fine sanding sugar.  The creature is given dots on the ears and a blue eye. 

For this cookie, white & blue swags are piped over white royal icing.  A squiggle for the ear and a simple blue dot for the eye.

I love the simplicity of multi-colored spirals outlining the nautilus above.  Choose your favorite colors and make these unique.

Whimsical dots are piped over white icing, giving the nautilus a simple beauty.

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