Dogwoods in May

Beautiful dogwood trees are in full bloom right now around our home and around town. These trees are among my favorite of all time, because they have such gorgeous flowers in late April and into May.  Another aspect which fascinates me about dogwoods is the seemingly delicate network of branches that shoot laterally.  To my mind, it is breathtaking and absolutely wonderful that nature can produce such a beautiful tree for us.  

Whenever I’m driving or walking around town I always look to see what types of trees people have on their properties.  It gives me a sense of what my neighbors like, what they admire and what they love to look at on a daily basis.  Many of them have at least one dogwood in front of their homes, while others have several.  How many do we have at home?  I honestly have never counted!  

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a tree I hated or thought unsightly.  In my humble opinion, every tree has its redeeming qualities.  

Over the weekend, after attending the yearly plant sale at the local library, I had a good walk through several streets near my home because the weather was perfect.  Sunny and in the low 70s.  Since I had a camera with me, I took a few pictures of the dogwoods I admire.  

Have a look.

This neighbor's yard is surrounded by many dogwoods that are lovingly cared for.  Their wonderful colonial home makes the perfect backdrop to the magnificent trees which are admired by the many passersby. 

 Aren't the blooms beautiful?  You know it's early May when the dogwoods look like this.

 One final look before heading home.

The neighbors on our road have a multitude of trees.  It's the dogwoods which line a few properties that always make me look twice.  You can see the white flowering trees along the right hand side as I make my way to the house.

This particular dogwood always seems rather lonely here sitting next to the rhododendrons.  I think it needs a companion tree.

This house across the street from us has a short, yet elegant dogwood at the entrance to the driveway.

Then we come to the field here at home.  There are several dogwoods scattered around the perimeter of the meadow.

I love this vista at the western end of the meadow.  On my daily walks around the paths here, I love to see what birds, insects and other animals are using the area.  It's never the same from day to day.  Perhaps I should take a small video to show you what it's like.  I won't make any promises, but we'll see!

Enjoy Spring!