Martha by Mail ~ Bell & Dove Cookie Cutters

Sweet copper cookie cutters produced for Martha by Mail in the shapes of a Bell & Dove, can be used to bake exquisite cookies for any wedding.  Made by a talented American coppersmith over a decade ago, the delightful duo of 4-inch cookie cutters are now collector’s items that every owner should cherish & use.   

Give your good friends, family members or loved ones the gift of hand made cookies for their big day using these open back cutters.  Bake large batches of butter cookies, chocolate cookies or whatever flavor they like, and ice them in shades pertaining to the theme of the event.  Although cookie favors are customary for weddings, why not make a few for a shower or a special dinner?  Packed into clear cellophane bags or boxes and tied with ribbons, the favors will undoubtedly become the topic of conversation.

Revisit these wonderful images from Martha by Mail and get inspired to create beautiful cookies this spring, summer, fall or winter.  

A tower of cake stands with Bell & Dove cookies.

Bell & Dove Copper Cutters

The bell on the left was flooded in white royal icing.  Light blue royal icing was piped on the bell's crown and underneath, for the clapper.  A light blue band is piped across for the bead line.  This floodwork is left to dry.  Pipe a bead of royal icing for the border around the bell and around the bead line, then pipe dots throughout the waist of the bell; flock with fine sanding sugar.  When dry, tap off excess sugar.

This beautiful dove is flooded in light blue royal icing.  When dry it is given white flourishes along the wings and tail to suggest flight.  Pipe a dot for an eye.

A whimsical bell is flooded in light green royal icing.  The clapper is simple white royal icing.  Once the floodwork is dry, pipe a white royal icing trellis using a #2 piping tip.  Let dry. 

The cookie is packaged in a clear cellophane bag and tied with some seam binding ribbon.

The white dove is flooded in white royal icing and is flocked in fine sanding sugar while still wet.  A dragee is used for an eye.

This simple bell is flooded in light blue royal icing.  Once dry, a bead of icing is piped along the border,  which is flocked in fine sanding sugar.  The bead line is decorated with silver dragees.  For the clapper, attach a large silver dragee with some royal icing.  Leave to dry.

The base of this dessert display is an etched mirror which is covered in iced sugar cookies.  Clear cake stands are stacked for a dramatic presentation.  Beautifully iced doves are placed along the bottom tier while bells are placed on the middle tier.

The top tier is decorated with irises resting in small vases.  A single white dove is placed in the middle.


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