Anticipating Fall

Change is a part of life and, to my mind, it's a part of a good life.  Although I don't always welcome change, I find it is sometimes necessary when one wants to turn a new leaf.  Mother nature does it to us four times a year with the seasons.  I've always loved the transition from summer to fall, because the colors are absolutely stunning during that time of year here in Pennsylvania. If you live in the Northeast then you understand perfectly.

My new routine of walking every single day is one of those changes in my life that I have welcomed wholeheartedly.  During these excursions of mine, I have become more observant of what's going on all around me.  Several of my neighbors, including ourselves, are starting to see a few trees, the dogwoods for instance, with yellow leaves, pale chartreuse leaves and even brown leaves.  The large 40 foot linden tree next to the kitchen is among the first of the trees near the house which changes.  I'm sure a lot of you are noticing a chill in the air early in the mornings and cooler-than-normal temperatures during the day, and are wondering how we're going to fare this fall and winter.

Whatever the coming seasons may bring, let's at least savor the last offerings of summer while we still can.

The house was recently power washed and painted from top to bottom with the same Benjamin Moore colors.  It has given the home a breath of fresh air and a new feel to it, insofar as a late 18th century house can be called new.

It's only a matter of time until the trees surrounding the house lose their leaves and the weather gets cold.  For now we are still enjoying the warm afternoons and the cool shade of the trees.

This driveway which is always a pleasure to walk on will dramatically change in a couple of months.  Mark my words!

The Joe Pye weed is already gone.  This photograph was taken in August while I was out for one of my walks and let me assure you, the bumblebees were loving it.

There's something pleasing to eye about this simple herbaceous flowering shrub, with its clusters of pale lilac flowers and broad leaves.  

Even the butterflies settle on the shrub when its flowering.  

As soon as these majestic oaks and black walnut trees begin to lose their leaves, the surrounding lawn gets blanketed in autumnal colors.  Pretty soon the field will no longer be mown and shall be left as is.

Blue skies, green grass and lush trees for now, but give it some time and all of this will look quite differently.

I hope the newly-planted trees at the edge of the field make it through the winter.

The black-eyed susans may still be in bloom and the bees can still be seen & heard buzzing in earnest, but fall approaches.  I'm already yearning to use my yellowware in the kitchen and enjoying the tastes of pumpkin, apples and warm spices.  Nothing beats the flavors and colors of the coming season.  I hope that many of you are now in 'baking mode' and are looking forward to enjoying what the coming season has to offer.

Are you anticipating fall just as much as I am?


  1. You cannot create unless you notice what is being created around you. I believe your post supports why you are such a creative soul. Very beautiful writing.

  2. Tra La La,

    Thank you for that beautiful comment. I do try my best. :)


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