Baking Essentials Checklist

Baking season is upon us and if you like to get into the kitchen to bake tried-and-true recipes or approach those you've been meaning to get to all year long, then now is the time to start checking your pantry and making your lists.  It seems to me that it's always baking season at my house, but as soon as the weather gets cooler and Halloween is near, I bake even more than I normally do.  You know how it is, we start to bake this and that for a dear niece or nephew by special request, or we simply have to try that new recipe we came across on a website or magazine.

If you haven't guessed it by now, I like things baked with good ingredients, because I feel that they produce far superior results to those created with boxed mixes.  Having said that, good ingredients don't need to be terribly expensive or hard to get.  Most supermarkets these days have everything one needs under one roof, so it's easy to get things in a single trip.

Don't forget to have the right tools for the job.  I'm a firm believer in having the essential baking equipment and supplies so that I get good, professional results.  Those baking sheets, pans, spatulas, cellophane bags, cake boxes and baker's twine, need to be in our homes before the "baking season" begins.  Once you go through my list and get a clear idea of what is needed, get those items which are missing from your kitchen.  Choose what you like and leave out what you don't need.  

Take a moment to look through my baking season checklist and make sure that you're ready.

To get a printable list, click on the link below: 


  1. I just downloaded and printed the list! (okay.. I laminated it too) It's now hanging in my pantry. A great list to double check before the weekly trip to the grocery store! Thanks!

  2. I'm so glad you like it Kenn. I think I'm also going to laminate and hang it from my pantry. Hey, you gotta practice what you preach, right? :)

  3. Thank you for this! I just printed off the list and put it up in my pantry like Kenn! This came just in time. Happy Baking!

  4. Good going, Reynaul! I also printed mine out onto card stock and have it in my pantry.

    Enjoy the season!


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