Daffodils, Spring and Happiness

I was recently asked what my favorite spring flower was.  Without even thinking twice about it, I responded with daffodils.  Daffodils are such beautiful, delicate flowers that never fail to capture my eye if I spot them in people's gardens, at the markets and around my own home.  These harbingers of spring really do make me happy with thoughts of what the season has to offer.

Spring is all about renewal and turning over a new leaf.  After reconnecting with a dear friend of mine and having conversations about moving forward with one's day to day life, I realized that it's the little things that matter.  I also recognized the fact that I'm in a very good place in my life at the moment.  I have so much to be thankful for, and for that, I am happy.  In fact, I am very happy!

I've said it before here on the blog that I'm not much of a person who has to have freshly cut flowers in my home at all times, but when I can get something from the grounds of our home that is cheerful and colorful, then I take full advantage.  That's just what I did over the weekend.

It doesn't cease to amaze me how quickly mother nature begins to pop up all around us this time of year.  By the creek near our spring house there is a swath of terrain that is covered with daffodils and ostrich ferns.  The ferns have begun to unfurl in earnest, but it's the daffodils that really seem to burst with color.  

I must have cut at least 5 dozen daffodils this past Sunday, leaving many behind by the creek.  Admittedly, they are at the end of their cycle and many are already beginning to wilt.

I made sure to cut them so that I had plenty of length to play around with in the vase.  If you're going to cut daffodils from your garden, do it early in the morning and have a vessel filled with cool water to hold them in while you prepare to make your arrangement(s).

I filled a heavy glass pitcher with cool water and enhanced it with 1/4 teaspoon of bleach and one tablespoon of sugar.  It was then a matter of cutting the desired lengths.  The shorter cuts were arranged around the rim of the pitcher, so that they drooped over, while the longer cuts were arranged around the middle.  Any spaces were quickly filled in.

In the container I have a mix of daffodils.  These narcissus look wonderful in numbers, especially if they come in a variety of colors.

There you have it.  An easy arrangement with my favorite spring flower. Daffodils are gorgeous, they are spring and they absolutely make me happy. With so much that spring is giving us right now, I hope that many of you are enjoying these flowers around the neighborhood, in your yard or in your home.  

Happy Spring!


  1. Thanks Kristina! Happy Spring to you!


  2. Daffodils just scream happiness to me.. bright, cheery, and a great reminder of all the good things yet to come in the year. Happy Spring, my friend!

  3. Beautiful David! Thanks for bringing beauty into our homes today!

  4. @Kenn, I have to agree with you 100%. Definitely a sign of good things to come!

    @Jojo, thank you so much!

    Have a great week you two!

  5. They seem to spring up unaided by any cultivation in the darndest places.....we should be like that, blooming where ever we are and bringing delight to others

  6. I couldn't agree more, Phil. We can all do with a bit of cheering up every now and then, so why not pass that along, right?

    Happy Spring!

  7. Your photos are so clean and beautiful and the lighting is perfect. Keep up the great work!

  8. Thank you so much Jamie! That means a lot coming from you. I can't wait to showcase your wonderful website soon!

  9. They look like happy little faces with bonnets on! Bring on spring!
    Happy spring David.

  10. They are happy little faces, which is why I had to bring in a few more. Unfortunately, we've been getting really cold temperatures at night....but spring is definitely here.

    I love it!


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