Paw Patrol Cookies

My youngest nephew is about to celebrate his birthday with friends and family, and this year's party theme will be Paw Patrol.  Apparently kids adore these doggie characters to no end!  Wanting to surprise my nephew, I made several dozen cookies in bright colors and charming shapes.  After scouring images on the internet, I found a few that I wanted to recreate, but I also set about interpreting one of these characters with my own dog design, to put that Good Things by David stamp on them.  I kept the representations simple and bright.  Perfect for any kid!

Your kids don't have to be into Paw Patrol to have these cookies at their birthday party.  I can easily see them for anyone who is fascinated with pooches, and for those who are at the stage of wanting to be firemen when they grow up.  Iced in red, ice blue, bright yellow and white, the Paw Patrol inspired cookies will have everyone pawing over doggie bones, paw prints and firehouse dalmatians.

This is how you make them!
Equipment & Ingredients
  • Sugar Cookies (1 batch)
  • Royal Icing  (1 batch)
  • Cutouts in Dogs, Bones & Pawprints (I used Wilton cookie cutters)
  • Gel Food Colors, Wilton or Americolor (ice blue, red red, lemon yellow & black)
  • piping tips #1, #2, #3
  • piping bags or squeeze bottles
For the dog paws, outline and flood the paw cutouts in white royal icing using a #3 tip, and let dry completely.  Outline and flood paw pads in a chosen color on top of the white icing and let dry completely.  Easy peasy!

For the dog bones, outline and flood the base of the bones in white icing using a #3 piping tip.  Let this dry completely.

Outline the shape of the dog bone in a color using a #2 tip.  With alternating colors, using either a #1 or #2 tip, pipe paw prints and the corresponding number (or name) of the birthday!  Let these dry. 

The dogs are also very simple to do.

A.  Begin by piping in red, with a #2 tip, the outline of the firefighter jacket; flood it with the same color.  While the icing is wet, pipe yellow stripes along the collar, cuff and seat of the jacket.  Using white icing and a #2 tip, outline and flood the dog's head, paws and legs.  Pipe black dots haphazardly throughout the body.  Let the bases dry completely.

B.  With black icing, outline and flood dog ears, pipe dots for eyes and a nose, and pipe a small mouth.  With red royal icing and a #1 tip, pipe an outline of a fireman's shield/badge on the center of the jacket.  Flood the area with yellow royal icing.

C.  While the badge is wet, pipe a small line of red royal icing down the middle (about the size of a grain of rice).

D.  Using a toothpick, pull the red icing around to create flames.  Let this dry completely.


I don't need to remind you that cookies for my family members and friends get baked with extra care and lots of love.  These Paw Patrol inspired cookies are sure to appeal to kids of all ages with their bright, cheerful colors and adorable shapes.  Kids and adults will want to take several home as favors and gobble them up as soon as they can, so I strongly advise you to bake and ice a lots. Package them in cellophane bags tied with ribbons, baker's twine or seal them with stickers.  Make them colorful.  Make them sweet.  Bake them with a lot of love.  

A BIG Happy Birthday to my little nephew!  

Uncle David loves you very much!


  1. Thanks so much, Andrew! They were fun to make. :)

  2. Hi David, I'm planning to make these for the very first time for my son's 2nd birthday. How long does it normally take for the royal icing to dry completely before I can apply the food coloring on the paws? I have never used icing before in my baking. And do you think I can make them on the day of the party or should I make them a day before and store them in the frig? Thanks in advance!

  3. WPowell, I'm so glad you're going to be making these! They're pretty awesome.

    I would even go so far as to advise you make these cookies 2 days in advance of the party. I'm not sure where you live, but weather is always a factor. Royal icing will set and dry much faster in a dry environment, so if you have a humid home/kitchen, it's going to take a lot longer for the icing to dry.

    Here's what I would do: Flood the baked cookie paws in white icing 2 days ahead of the party, and leave them out in the open on cookie sheets to dry completely. Again, if your kitchen is humid (say from cooking), move the baking sheets to an area that is cool and dry. Make sure the base is completely dry before applying the paw colors. The following day, go back and fill the paws in colors and, again, let them dry completely (up to one day if they need to).

    Drying can take up to one day, so that's why I say do these 2 days in advance.

    Once the cookies are completely dry, there is no need to refrigerate them at all. Sugar cookies will last up to one week stored at room temperature. Just make sure the cookies are wrapped (whether on the baking sheets or in cellophane bags) once the icing is set and dry.

    Enjoy decorating them!


    1. Thank you very much for the additional info! It is very helpful and I'll be sure to make them ahead of time. :)

    2. No problem, lemonade. I wish you the best making these!!


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