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Jamie Godfrey

I'd like to introduce you to a creative individual who comes from the world of design and merchandising.  Jamie Godfrey's background as a home products designer for Ralph Lauren and Martha Stewart, has given him the inspiration to create a line of handcrafted products under his own brand.  The assortment of textiles, candles and published novels are available through his website, Jamie Godfrey.  His product line of home goods introduces us to Jamie's personal style, which I find to be fresh, crisp and quite pleasing to the eye. 

Jamie offers us beautiful, and thoughtfully designed, fabric by the yard through his Etsy Shop.  His color palette is one that I instantly connect with, as I'm sure many of you will too. The soothing color of celadon in a Y pattern is suited for many uses throughout the home, such as bed linens and upholstery.  The celadon-colored chain pattern can also be used for upholstery, but it can successfully be utilized for table linens if you choose the linen/cotton blend of fabric that Jamie offers.   

Geometric Laurel and Warm Grey Ikat are among my favorite patterns created by Jamie.  They're chic and sophisticated, while maintaining a good balance in color and composition.  

As a baker and cook, I can appreciate the idea of feeling like a "Hot Mess" sometimes. These hand-stitched kitchen towels are suitable for any kitchen.  A bit of humor and whimsy is always welcome in the kitchen. 

Hand-embroidered Fern Cocktail Napkins will be conversation pieces at your next gathering.  The wide hemstitched border gives these napkins that touch of elegance, but it is the embroidered fern which makes these extra special.  

Let's not forget Jamie's candles!  If you love the warm, beguiling scents of gardenia, lavender or say red currants, let Jamie's collection of handmade candles grace your home.  

It is through Jamie's website, podcasts and recently-created blog, that he expands on what currently motivates him.  Presently, Jamie is on a personal mission to lead a healthier life as he reaches a milestone birthday.  His blog is focused on the progress he's making, and yet, Jamie is already looking beyond the goal he has set for himself.  Let's face it, we can all do with a little bit of motivation in our lives, no matter what age we happen to be. 

I decided to ask Jamie a few questions to share with readers, because I thought it might give you the motivation to try something new or give you the impetus to make that change.  This is what he had to say.

1.  Your began blogging this January.  Congratulations!  What prompted you to start blogging?

The blog was really born as a companion to my podcast. To be honest, I haven't given it the attention it deserves. It started out as a place where I could share visuals and links mentioned on the podcast. It's my goal to grow it into a resource, not unlike your blog, where I can research and share posts on a range of wellness and lifestyle subjects. Stay tuned!

2.  I love the Etsy store and your branding.  It's clean, simple, yet sophisticated.  How did this come about?

Thank you!  For the better part of my career, I developed housewares that were mass produced overseas. I've always been drawn to items that were crafted by human hands. Years ago, seems like a lifetime really, I taught myself how to sew. I wanted to pick it up again and combine it with my love and experience working in home products. So, the Jamie Godfrey Home Collection was born. I hand-embroider napkins kitchen towels and aprons. I create original textile designs on the computer and have them printed here in the U.S.  I hand-pour soy wax candles that are scented with my favorite fragrances. The entire assortment is based on the colors, textures, materials and scents that inspire me. I don't create what I don't love.

3.  Podcasting.  Is this another creative outlet for you and do you prefer it over blogging so far?

For years, every January in fact, I would proclaim that this was the year I was going to get fit. It would last a few weeks and was forgotten about. This January I turned 39. Not very momentous as birthdays go but I drew a line in the sand and said this is it. I'm going to get into shape by the time I turn 40. I had recent finished listening to the Serial podcast and am a regular listener of Jillian Michaels' podcast and thought: what better way to hold myself accountable than by recording a weekly podcast with my progress updates. So, each week, I start with my weigh-in. But that really isn't enough to fill an entire episode with. Each episode has a major topic that I research, explore and write. It's typically focused on wellness, nutrition, and fitness but have done an episode on design. Whatever is really at the front of my mind, I explore. And there are several regular segments that I do each week. My favorite is based off the mantra that Martha told us at MSLO and that is to learn something new every day. So, in this segment, I share with the listeners something I've learned. I'm a lover of random information so this was never a stretch for me. I also have a segment where I focus on whatever it is that week that I am thankful and grateful for. I really look forward to recording the podcast each week. It's like sitting down with an old friend to have a chat. It's definitely one of the bright spots of my week. I love podcasting and blogging equally really. I love that both are limitless in what you can express and explore.

4.  I'm curious.  What was it like working for Martha?

Working at MSLO has been one of the highlights of my career. I got to work alongside people who were the best in their fields, all passionately committed to the brand and the work. That's very rare and nearly impossible to replicate.  I wouldn't trade that experience or those friendships for anything.

5.  I'm adding you to my must-reads and sources & inspiration page, so that I can follow you.  Is the blog something that you only plan to do for your yearlong journey or do you see the blog evolving into something else?

Thank you!! I'm very flattered! My initial thought was to go through the yearlong process and see where I am at the end of it and evaluate what direction to take. But honestly, now that I've started, I'm definitely going to evolve both beyond the year mark.  I've kind of fancied myself a late bloomer. And this is something that is a major theme on the podcast. Martha herself didn't pen Entertaining until she was 40. I feel like I've had this whole other life and am finally coming into my own.

6.  You're a writer!  I have yet to read your novels and I can't wait to do so.  What authors do you like to read and do you have any particular genres that you gravitate towards?

Yes! Having lived and worked and dated in New York City, I had collected more than my share of stories. My friends had long been prodding me to write them down. So, I did. I wish that I could say I had some elaborate, romantic process. It was really a labor of stolen moments. I would draft sections on my iPhone on my commute. Nights and weekends I would continue the work. But, I did the bulk of my writing when I was on flights to and from India and China for work. 15 hours with nowhere to go, nothing to do and a laptop in front of me.  I read everything. Classics, best sellers, you name it. I've been reading a great deal of nonfiction and self-help books recently as part of the research for the podcast.

Be sure to log onto Jamie Godfrey's website to explore his full line of handmade merchandise, and to learn a bit about his background.  Thank you, Jamie, for giving us such great insight.  Cheers to you!


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