Easy Shamrock Cookies

If you're pressed for time and you still feel like making some sugar cookies for St. Patrick's Day, ice a few shamrocks on simple round cookies, and make very minimal embellishments.  By working on a four inch round cookie as the base, you can trace your favorite shamrock shape (either a four-leaf or a three-leaf clover will do) with a food-coloring pen, and then fill in the little green with your favorite shades of royal icing.

The shamrocks pictured here were iced with a kelly green (very lightly colored) and a leaf green royal icing.  After the outlines were flooded and left to dry, I then went back and traced the shapes with a bead of icing using a #2 piping tip.  You can do this with the same shade of royal icing or with a contrasting one.  

Some shamrocks were given polka dots just to make some variety.  

The borders of the cookies were easy to do.  I used the colors of the Irish flag for these:  pipe alternating white and green dots all around the border of the cookies, and then pipe orange dots in between the green & white dots as shown.  Done!

What are you waiting for?  If you happen to be stuck at home because of a snow storm or if you find yourself with a couple of hours this week, cut out a few sugar cookies and begin icing.  Anyone can make these easy shamrock cookies.  Make them simple and make them delicious!


  1. Super cute! Great twist on a traditional shamrock cookie!

    ~Kristin @ Sweet Home Indiana

    1. I'm glad you liked them Kristin! Have a great rest of the week in Indiana!


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