Martha by Mail ~ ABC Cookie Cutters

I can't think of a sweeter way to teach a child their ABC's than with a set of alphabet cookies.  The ABC Cookie Cutters from Martha by Mail not only make teaching the alphabet sweet & fun, they also make wonderful cookies to mark a special occasion.  It seems like I reach for these cutters more often than not whenever I want to personalize gift giving.  I remember using them for a "Merry Christmas" message to my nephews in Connecticut the first year I owned the set and since then, I've used them to bake dozens upon dozens of monogram cookies for friends & family.  These copper cookie cutters do come up occasionally at auction websites if you wish to buy them, so keep your eyes opened.  The ABC Cookie Cutters from Martha by Mail are a Good Thing.

Image from Martha by Mail.



Decorating Pamphlet

A: Flood most of the cookie with a smooth coating of icing; let dry.  Pipe grid design in white icing and quickly flock.  Gently shake off excess sugar.  Pipe polka dots as desired; let dry.

B: Flood cookie with white icing; while it is still wet, pipe dots in alternating colors.  Let dry.  Pipe smaller dots in contrasting colors on top of the set design.

C:  Flood the cookie with icing; let dry.  Pipe a rope in white around the outline, applying more pressure to make the thick parts.  Let dry.  Pipe yellow dots in the narrowest parts of the rope.

D:  Flood cookie with icing; let dry.  Pipe a white zig-zag along the inner edge first, then pipe along the outline.

E:  Flood with icing.  While still wet, quickly pipe white dots inside the body of the cookie.  Quickly pipe smaller dots in blue icing on top of the white.  Allow to set and dry completely.  Pipe in yellow icing around the outline of the cookie and flock with sugar.  Gently shake off excess.

F:  Flood with icing.  While still wet, pipe yellow V-shape designs spaced throughout the cookie.  Quickly pipe a thin brown line through the body of the cookie.  Using a toothpick carefully drag the brown icing to either side of the brown line to create a marbleized look.  Let dry.  Pipe dots for accent. 

A plate of unique ABC cookies.