Martha by Mail ~ Extra Deep Mixing Bowls

I love collecting mixing bowls, both antique & new, because they are some of the most functional vessels in my kitchen.  They're also beautiful when grouped together on a counter or on one of my shelves, particularly if they share a style, color or shape.  These Extra Deep Mixing Bowls from Martha by Mail get used a lot to mix cake batters, icings, breads, salads, pastas and for storing vegetables & fruit. 

The moment I first laid eyes on them in the Martha by Mail catalog back in 2001, I knew where their inspiration had come from.  The vintage prototypes can be found in one of Martha's kitchens (Skylands) where her staff puts them to good use for preparing meals.  They have been featured in her magazines throughout the years (at a milestone Leo Birthday Party) and on television segments (she once made popovers with one of her French bulldogs sitting on a stool next to her).

Hefty and sturdy with thick rolled rims (perfect for gripping), these mixing bowls can grace any number of kitchens, from a Connecticut River Valley Colonial to a modern city apartment.  I hope you like them.

"The proportions of an antique bowl charmed us, so we commissioned this trio in white stoneware.  Each is sturdy and deep - ideal for mixing vinaigrettes, batters or dough.  Exclusive"

The Extra Deep Mixing Bowls

Small Bowl (1 1/2 qts.)
Medium Bowl (3 qt.)
 Large Bowl (4 3/4 qts.)

A view from the top shows their beautiful proportions.  They nest perfectly. 

Coated in a thick white glaze, the undersides are stamped with a simple Martha by Mail logo.

A closer look at the logo.

The deep, white bowls (4 sets of them) with their thick rims sit proudly on Martha's 'Wall of China' at Skylands.  These antique bowls provided the inspiration. 

Image from Martha by Mail.

Here I am making my Moist Chocolate Cake Layers for a birthday cake.  I love using them on a weekly basis. 

If I'm not using the bowls for mixing, I will fill them with foodstuffs that can sit on my counter.  They also get stored in my Mise en Place cabinet. 

Since I own a couple of sets of these bowls, I like to keep them in rotation either holding or mixing ingredients in the kitchen, or decorating a shelf.  This particular bowl is filled with farmer's market produce that will be placed in my refrigerator. 


  1. I just noticed those bowls in the Organizing magazine that is currently out! Wonderful.

  2. The Skylands kitchen is pictured in that magazine and yes, the bowls are there. You have a good eye.


  3. I have these bowls still in the box. I have never used them. Thank you for reminding me!

  4. I highly suggest that you take them out of the box and use them immediately! They are gorgeous pieces of pottery and will see you through years of recipes.

  5. Mr. David,
    I have had to list my bowls for sale on ebay. I hope you don't mind, but I mentioned your beautiful blog site, and quoted you. If you would rather I not, please let me know and I will be more than happy to change it.
    Your site and pictures are so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for all you do for us.


  6. Tatumn,

    That's absolutely OK to mention my site's name in your posting. Send me an email with a link to your listing so that I can see it. I'm interested.

    Best to you,

  7. Thank you,Mr.David.

    I know someone will buy my bowls then march their self over to your site to learn how to use them like a boss!

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