Cakes & Cupcakes ~ Martha Stewart Living Special Edition

I don’t review books or magazines here on the blog, because there are plenty of other sites that do that already.  However, I do want to bring to your attention the latest “Best of” from the team at Martha Stewart Living.  It’s called Cakes and Cupcakes which is currently on newsstands now, and let me just say that it is such a wonderful compilation of delicious cakes from the various magazines that have been published by MSLO.  This is meant for those of us who love to bake and create the best of the best. 

A salted-caramel chocolate cake and a set of flower cupcakes piped in pinks, yellows and chocolate icing grace the cover of this bookazine, which has over 50 of their most spectacular desserts from years past.  Yes, it’s all material many of us have seen before, but to have these little pieces of inspiration at one’s fingertips, all in one place, published in high-quality paper with step-by-step instructions, is simply perfect.  Yellow cakes, chocolate cakes, lamb & chicken cakes, cupcakes, and the detailed how-tos we’ve come to expect from the editors at Martha Stewart Living, are all packed into this special collector’s edition. 

I love to bake and I love to decorate a cake every now and then, so as I pore over the various photographs, recipes and techniques, I will be checking my pantry & gathering my ingredients to bake something wonderful very soon.  My only real problem is where to start?  Do I make a batch of cupcakes or do I make a showstopping cake for a birthday?  Well, whatever I end up making I know one thing for sure: it’s going to be delicious.  Get your copy now and bake something great to mark a celebration.  I know you’re going to love this special edition! 

The Cover

It's always nice to hear what Martha has to say. 

This is the Ruffle Cake.  Look at those yellow cake layers and the ruffled buttercream frosting in shades of pink.
The Meringue Bouquet Cupcake is adorable!  Tied with a nice ribbon and it becomes fancy enough for a wedding reception.

The Sacher Torte Heart would make anyone swoon on Valentine's Day.  Cloaked in rich chocolate and decorated with homemade truffles, the cake is any chocolate lover's dream.

Piped Pansy Cupcakes are perfect for a garden party this spring.  

Just look at this perfect basket weave in buttercream topped with marzipan strawberries.  Delicious!

This cupcake is pure art.  Buttercream is piped to resemble the delicate petals of an anemone.  If you want to learn how to create this lovely treat, get the magazine!

I love the detail and the simplicity of this Toadstool Cupcake.  Make a few dozen for a child's birthday party.

A Princess Cake!  Follow the step by step instructions to create this beauty.

Let's not forget the lessons on piping.  Different tips create different effects.

Multi-colored flowers piped onto pieces of parchment make it easy to transfer onto cupcakes or cakes.  

Get your copy wherever magazines are sold! 


  1. I will surely be looking for this edition, David. For now, my 4 year old grandson and I will be baking a batch of those lovely chocolate cookies for him to take to preschool for Valentine's Day!

  2. Please do look for it. It does come at a higher price point than regular MSL issues, but it's a 'collector's item'. Enjoy it!


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