Beautiful Snowdrops

Cutting a few snowdrops and bringing them indoors to make diminutive arrangements is such a pleasure for me.  As much as I would like it to be so, I'm not one to have cut flowers in my home at all times.  Just about any flower is beautiful in my opinion.  When I go through books, photographs, magazines & other media that have to do with the home, I always look out for the flower arrangements.  Large flowers are beautiful to look at, but tiny flowers always manage to capture my eye.

Snowdrops have such an austere beauty that I can't help but smile whenever I see them.  As I just showed you in a previous post, these flowers are everywhere right now along our driveway and around the house, so I don't feel too guilty snipping a few to enjoy.  I like to perk up my kitchen or dining table this time of year with some snowdrops, because they add to the visual & bring about a subtle perfume to my surroundings.  Let's take a closer look at these little beauties.

A Snowdrop up close shows its 6 tepals; the outer 3 are larger & the inner 3 are smaller.  The typical garden snowdrop has white-colored outer tepals.  The inner ones are green.  I'd say that these flowers from our house have more of a chartreuse color.

This is how I usually cut them.  I scout the areas I want to cut from and then gather a towel-lined basket along with a pair of shears.  I prefer to cut from various areas rather than one spot.  Once indoors, I fill a bowl with water & then begin separating the leaves, which somewhat resemble blades of grass.  The flowers are kept in the bowl of water until I find the right vessels for an arrangement or two. 

The simplest of arrangements can also be the most beautiful.  This French pressed glass egg cup is perfect for my little flowers. 

Gather a small army of little chick egg cups filled with snowdrops & you have an instant table arrangement.  If I haven't mentioned it yet, these flowers are quite fragrant

I thought I would enjoy them on the outer shelves of my collectible Martha by Mail Spice Rack. 

The rest of the flowers were divided between 2 French porcelain milk pitchers by Apilco.

Gathered in thick clusters like this makes a beautiful arrangement.

The drooping flowers quickly opened within minutes of drinking their water. 

The different-sized pitchers are equally suitable for the dining table or kitchen counter.   

Snowdrops are a beautiful Good Thing!


  1. Simple and lovely! I love creating little arrangements like these. A Good Thing indeed!

  2. Simple is the best way to describe something like this! I'm glad you make them too. It sure brightens a home, don't you think?


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