Martha by Mail ~ Moon & Star Cookie Cutters

The very first copper cookie cutters ever to be produced for the Martha by Mail catalog were fashioned in the shapes of a Star & Moon.  Displayed on the cover of Martha Stewart Living for the December 1994 & January 1995 double issue, these cookie cutters quickly became very popular with readers of the magazine.  At the time, the issue stated that these cutters were sourced from Naiad and Walter Einsel Designs of Westport, Connecticut; they were offered for sale starting at $65 each.

Martha Stewart Living December '94/January '95.

Soon after the Martha by Mail catalog took off in leaps & bounds, every copper cookie cutter began to be manufactured by another American coppersmith.  For those that collect cookie cutters, these are certainly a part of Martha by Mail history.  Enjoy! 

"Royal Icing gives a porcelain base, and sugar adds a shimmering finish.  Use the recipes and versatile decorating techniques in our booklet to make moons that are sleepy and sweet, and stars as sparkly as the night.  Decorate them for baby and bridal showers, birthday parties, Halloween, Christmas or any other day of the year."

A porcelain blue star is iced & flocked with fine sanding sugar.  The sleepy man in the moon has a striped night cap with a yellow puffball end; the face is simply iced in a pale celadon green.

The Moon & Star.

Man in the Moon Cutter.

The Star.

Stamp on the Star Cutter handle: "star light star bright".

Stamp on the Moon Cutter handle: "The Man in The Moon".


A fanciful Christmas tree decorated with scores of Stars & Moons.

This image from Martha by Mail shows how whimsical cookie decorating can be.

Martha by Mail image of the Star Cutter & an iced cookie.

Martha by Mail image of the Moon Cutter with a decorated cookie.


  1. These were the very first oversized copper cookie cutters I purchased from Martha by Mail. Every Christmas, I still make moon and star cookies for each person on my Christmas list. It's a tradition that I've continued all these years!

  2. What a nice tradition Kenn! These certainly make beautiful cookies and I'm glad you're actually using the cutters. Cheers!

  3. Just found "man in the moon" at the back of a cupboard while preparing for an estate sale (mine own we're down-sizing). Now I thing I will clean it up - according to your lemon/salt method and keep it. Besides, you are the only one I know that would appreciate it!

  4. Ah, lucky is the person who will purchase that cutter. It's a beautiful piece of copper and cleaning it up before the sale might make it more desirable!

  5. I saved the magazine from Dec 1994 and I made the cookie ornaments 17 years later in 2011. I knew I had to make them some day! Love them. I'm writing a blog all about it on blogger called Scarletts Swagga.

  6. That's wonderful Scarlett! I can't wait to see your post. Send me an email letting me know when it's up.

  7. Finally have a set of these cutters! I've waited long enough.. looking forward to baking with them this holiday season!

    1. I love these cookie cutters, Bernie. I hope you like using them. :)


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