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Happy Birthday Audrey!

I want to wish my niece, Audrey, who's turning 3 today a very Happy Birthday!  I'm so thankful that she's a part of my life because she's a constant reminder to me not to take anything or anyone for granted.  You see, my little one has cancer.  She was diagnosed last August with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and has been in treatment ever since.  Although she's making great strides each & every day, her battle isn't quite over yet.  Her prognosis is good, however, so there is much hope for her.  At the end of the day, she's just a normal 3 year old child who likes to read, color, play with her toys, listen to music with her grandpa (she's a BIG Beatles fan because of him), dance, sing & yes, get into mischief!

I write & maintain a small, private blog for her & the entire family to keep everyone scattered around the country up to date on her progress.  I give her a voice through that blog by sharing stories, funny moments, anecdotes, likes & dislikes, photographs and many other things.  It's a pleasure for me to do this for her and I will continue doing so until my niece can have visitors without any restrictions; she will be going into her maintenance phase really soon, so we're all pretty excited about it!

One thing that has come out of this is that so many friends, well wishers & family have come together for our little one.  A dear nephew of mine established a team for a walk-a-thon last year in order to raise awareness for childhood cancers (thank you Elijah!).  Some have donated blood & platelets for my niece, while others have dedicated birthday parties in honor of Audrey.  Hundreds upon hundreds of people have offered their prayers & heartfelt well wishes for her, and I can certainly say it's touched every single one of us to have such an outpouring amount of support.  The entire family, including myself, appreciates it immensely.

Last year around this time, I wrote a small entry dedicated to Audrey, with a Halloween picture of her dressed up as Snow White (she hadn't turned 2 in that picture).  If you want to see it, click here.  I thought I'd share a few photographs of my sweetie pie with you since it is her special day. 

Audrey at her 2nd birthday party was queen for the day.

My little angel a few weeks prior to diagnosis.

This is my little one in the hospital at the time of diagnosis last summer. 

By Halloween last year, Audrey had already begun losing her hair as a result of her chemotherapy.  Nevertheless, she was the cutest kitty cat ever for the Halloween party at her hospital.

Guess who?  Uncle David & Audrey having fun at the Aquarium of the Pacific during the week of Christmas.  With no immune system to combat illness, Audrey's had to wear a mask whenever she goes out in public. 

Me & my little one.

Audrey at the playground making sand cakes only a few weeks ago!     

I'm proud to be an uncle to my only niece.  I can't imagine my life without her laughter, her smile, her little 'penguin dances' that she likes to do for uncle (she waddles while flapping her "flippers"), her inquisitive mind & her infinite love.  She is absolutely precious to me and she knows it.  There isn't a week that goes by without chatting on the phone with her about everything & anything.  She loves it whenever I send her care packages with my homemade goodies, because she knows they're so much better than store bought.  It's such a pleasure for me to spoil her this way; this year is no different.  A care package is in the mail as we speak full of Good Things for her (you have to include toys!) and I certainly hope she likes them.  

Happy Birthday Audrey!

Much Love,
Uncle David


  1. She is the sweetest little girl! Sending love from the UK to Audrey and you all.


  2. Oh David.. She is a cutie. I will add her to my prayer list along with all of you. She's blessed to have a great uncle.And you,I know, feel the same about her being in your life.

  3. That's very kind of you Marion's Kid, our family appreciates all the prayers one can muster. Cheers to you!


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