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Spring Awakening

This morning is a glorious one that promises to be sunny & warm, so we welcome the change from the cold & cloudy weather we've been having.  A month ago I was very worried because I had noticed many of the daffodil bulbs shooting out way before they should have.  Some of my other friends on the east coast had expressed the same concern, yet we were hopeful that they would survive.  I think now that winter's chill is behind us, we can look forward to their beautiful glory in a few weeks.    

On my daily walks around our home I always take note of the changes in the landscape, not to mention the wildlife that seems to crave the coming of spring.  Several of our daffodils, along with the crocuses & thousands of snowdrops have already bloomed.  I enjoy seeing nature's beauty beginning to wake up after a long slumber.  It's the changes of season here on the east coast that are truly magical for me, so I thought I'd share a few photographs of what's happening around our house. 

These daffodils behind the house are already coming out.  As you can see, they haven't bloomed quite yet.

Some of you may not be familiar with Henry.  He's one of the resident groundhogs here on the property and just the other day, he made his first appearance of the season.  We eagerly await his presence in the spring, because he seems like such a happy little creature.  Isn't he adorable? 

The crocuses are plentiful and so magical.  I love the subtle lilac hues of each petal set against the orange stamens

This area is covered with thick moss in various shades of green.  I love walking along here because the area is always pristine.

I just had to get all the way down and capture the texture of this beautiful moss.  It almost looks & feels like the softest silk velvet.  Moss is one of nature's most beautiful gifts. 

Isn't this a gorgeous beech tree root system?  The tree probably stands a good 40 feet, but it's anchored very firmly to the ground. 

This fallen oak tree is completely covered in moss.  Whenever I walk by it, I'm always captivated by the color and thick, fuzzy texture. 

Onto the snowdrops.  It's almost like magic whenever they come out, because they seem so delicate, yet they're sturdy enough to withstand chilly temperatures.  These are scattered around our home haphazardly, so it's nice to just happen to come upon a patch of them on a walk. 

A closeup shows how these milky white flowers with their drooping tepals sit on the ground.  They don't grow higher than 6"or so, but they do make a statement.

The only daffodils that have bloomed are at the entrance of our driveway.  This all-yellow Trumpet Daffodil is quite large and so pretty.  If you look closely, it has a slight smudge of dirt on the trumpet.  I quickly cleaned it off.

These Cyclamineus Daffodils are facing downward.  Their slender, straight trumpets are offset by the flared back petals.  They're very beautiful and make excellent arrangements.

Happy Spring Everyone!


  1. Oh wow, I can't wait for spring too. I like the colors that surround your house. It looks tranquil.

  2. Yes, spring is a very joyful time of year. As for tranquil, it usually is except for the cawing, chirping, pecking & calling of the birds, but I'm not complaining.

    Happy Spring!

  3. I also live on the east coast and have the same flowers blooming on my property. I have been so worried about the trees here as they have been ready to burst into bloom for weeks-I think it is beginning to happen now. With the 60 degree temps in our ten day forecast I expect to see lots of activity! I am tempted to plant some flower seeds outside. Now, about Henry. I had a groundhog resident on my property when I bought it years ago. He destroyed the lawn and my dog spent years digging up the yard trying to capture him. He was ugly and destructive! One year he ate every vegetable plant in my garden. Henry is NOT your friend! Ha Ha!

  4. Groundhogs are destructive(!), but our Henry seems to only stay in a certain area, so we don't mind so much. I suppose if I had a vegetable garden decimated by him he wouldn't be as cute (sorry about your experience!).

    Some trees are starting to bud! I saw a few silver maples with their redish buds on a neighboring property and was amazed. I'm hoping we don't get anymore freezing... We'll see.


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