From Generation to Generation

I celebrated my birthday on Tuesday in a very low-key manner here at home, which is always nice because I don't like to make a huge fuss.  Birthday cards, phone calls and notes from loved ones kept coming throughout the day (I love hearing from people near & far), but in the afternoon a very special box arrived via mail.  I had been told prior to this that my dear niece was sending me one of her specialties and that I should look for it soon.  Without a moment to lose I opened the box to see what was in it.  

My Birthday Treat

I first read through the birthday card which had the outlines of my niece's & nephews' hands along with their names (these cards are saved & cherished!).  A few written words are always greatly appreciated by uncle David.  Next to that card, however, was a container of sweet edibles lovingly made by my little one, all packaged & cushioned with bright tissue paper.  I gasped at how wonderful and unique her creations were as soon as I opened the cookie container.  What made it even better was the fact that her cookies had been made in a little Easy Bake Oven given to her last Christmas! 

I was literally beaming through tears of joy at how far along my little one has come since her diagnosis with leukemia.  It's amazing what two years can do with good medical care, lots of prayers and lots of love.  Her journey & battle is almost coming to an end and the day she is given remission status, I will be the happiest person on Earth!

Several things were going through my mind that day, other than the fact that I was extremely proud & happy at how my lovely niece had managed to bake cookies for uncle.  Growing up, my wonderful grandmother used say, 'from generation to generation', whenever we'd learn something new either from her or from our parents.  It was her way of saying that knowledge and wisdom was being handed down to the next generation of our family.  Those words have always stuck in my mind, so when I realized  that my niece was now showing an interest in baking cookies at age 4, grandma's words came racing back to me.  

With the help of my dear mom, I began to learn how to bake from a very early age.  Her encouragement and lessons are things that are close to my heart.  They always will be.  

Take a look at the gorgeous cookies created by my niece.  

Appliqué Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies were baked in heart shapes, Xs & Os and were then covered with vanilla icing.  To this, my niece cut out the exact same shapes in pink fondant with a stamped design and placed them over the icing.  Beautiful cookies to behold and tasty cookies to eat.

Champagne with strawberries & Appliqué Sugar Cookies.

A very delicious treat!

I now see that there is a future generation in my family who will understand the joys of baking. Knowing that my lessons and wisdom will be handed down to a dear family member brings me so much joy, because I love creating & teaching, and I love sharing.  Realizing the fact that I'm inspiring my little one to bake just like uncle, well, life doesn't get any sweeter than this for me.  

As grandma used to say, "from generation to generation".


  1. David

    Happy Birthday to you!

    A wonderful post and a wonderful message of love and joy. How lovely of your niece to have made these cookies for you. They look great. She will have caught up to your standards soon and have her own blog.

    I hope that you had a great day and that you have a wonderful year ahead, perhaps with some good news for your niece.

    Take care of yourself.

  2. Thank You Amy!!! Yes, I am waiting for this year to be over with so that my niece can have a normal, healthy life!

    As for her catching up to me, I have a strong feeling she is going to surpass me in NO TIME!!!! :)


  3. I have to admit to getting a little choked up over this, David. What a tribute!
    My younger son is in culinary college with 2 semesters left for his degree. He was the one of my three that spent the most time in the kitchen with me. Recently, he was home for the weekend, and told me that it was the way he saw how I always made everyone feel welcome in our home, especially all of their friends, and always having something good for them to eat, that influenced him in his decision to become a chef. He says loves the hospitality aspect of his career, thanks to me. *tears* at that, too.
    So you see that I certainly "get" from generation to generation... <3

  4. Oh David what beautiful cookies your niece made. You're lucky to have her in your life!!! I will pray for the day she is told she is in remission!

    and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!

  5. Nancy,

    I'm so thrilled that your son is taking his culinary skills, learned from you, to the next level. You're going to be the proudest mother the day he receives his degree!!

    There is this quote which rings true to me: "Genuine hospitality cannot be described, but it is immediately felt." - Hector Guimard

    This is exactly what your son must have picked up from you. WONDERFUL JOB NANCY!!!

  6. Christian,

    Thank YOU for the birthday wishes and yes, I AM blessed to have my niece (Goddaughter) in my life. She's an exceptional child!


  7. Oh, my sweet friend... Happy Birthday and a year filled with continued love and perfect health for you AND your beautiful little one. She is very high on my prayer list and I will dance with you the day she reaches remission.

    The cookies are lovely. Your grandmother's words and especially hearing you credit her and your dear mother with your talents and affection for family brings tears to my eyes. You are such a wonderful man!

    Always my appreciation and love,


  8. Janet!

    You don't know how wonderful it is to hear you say that! Having my little one in your prayers is greatly appreciated by me and our entire family. It's part of what has gotten her through her tough journey!!

    A million thanks and lots of hugs & kisses from Pennsylvania, dear friend!!

    Always always,

  9. Happy Birthday David. Your niece's homebaked with love gift is just beautiful as is this post that pays homage to your family of bakers.
    Wishing you a wonderful year and may you be posting about your niece's remisssion status very soon.

  10. Paula, thank you for your kind words!!!

    I will most certainly be announcing the day she is given a clean bill of health! I wish you the best too!



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