Introducing Arnge

I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful online store that was created by my friend, Pete Mars and his husband Mike Dawson, which specializes in unique and sophisticated  pillows.  It’s called Arnge.  A regional take on the pronunciation of the word ‘orange’, Arnge was launched this month with an exquisite collection of pillows for the home.  With eighteen rich patterns in various colors from which to choose, adding a highlight to one’s living room, bedroom, family room, hallway, den or home office has never been easier.  

The design team prides itself on having American-made pillow inserts and 100% Kona cotton covers that are unlike any you’ve ever come across.  An easy and affordable way to spruce up one’s home, the accent pillows at Arnge are far superior to the mass-produced selections available to us.  Taking their inspiration from several art movements of the twentieth century, Mike and Pete focus their aesthetic on mid-century modern.  However, some late 19th century inspiration is included, with an updated and contemporary sensibility for today’s home.

Mike Dawson is the design expert & specialist at Arnge.  With a background as a designer in the magazine world (Redbook, Seventeen, among others), Mike has a sharp eye for color and composition.  Having spent his whole life designing and arranging decorative patterns for a number of projects, Mike’s designs for Arnge will suit many tastes and styles.  

Pete Mars is the collection editor and stylist at the design firm.  As a graduate from the Parsons School of Design, Pete’s background has included home interior design, home product & furniture design, as well as magazine styling.  Pete’s brilliant styling was refined during his years at Martha Stewart Living as Homekeeping Editor and as designer of garden furniture for the Martha Stewart Everyday line at KMart.  

Say Pete and Mike, “the things in our homes should be useful, beautiful and personal, bringing us joy whenever we use them.”  I couldn’t agree more.  As one who loves to be surrounded by things which make my life easier, nicer and more enjoyable, I certainly feel that the pillows at Arnge will make wonderful additions to any space.

I have a few favorites from the collection that I would like to share with you.  Take a look and click on the name of the pillow to order one.

Inspired by chess, this pattern makes a colorful addition to a bedroom or perhaps a family room.  The pillow is cheerful, yet utterly sophisticated. 

An embroidered pomegranate design from the Arts & Crafts movement is suitable for a modern aesthetic.  I love the muted tones and the flow of the design.  Structured, yet playful. 

Seen by some cultures as a good omen should a dragonfly settle upon you, this breathtaking pattern is wonderful for so many styles.  I can see anything from a Mission chair to a Shaker settee with a pair of these pillows.

My favorite.  Living fossils which have been around for millions of years, gingko trees have exquisite leaves.  The design team at Arnge capture the stages of a leaf's cycle in this pillow cover.  Simply beautiful!

I invite every single one of you to visit Arnge and select your favorite designs from the alluring collection.  Find something exceptional and distinctive for your home with the help of Pete & Mike.  Shop now!  

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  1. I love these pillows! Very bold and unique designs. So often you see the same old same old with pillow collections - but this collection is VERY FRESH! Bravo and best wishes to Pete and Mike!!


  2. Love, love, love! Thanks, David!

  3. Janet, the pillows are very fresh designs and I love all of them. I think I'm going to have to get the gingko pillows!

    Nancy, aren't they wonderful??


  4. Just checked out their site, beautiful! The pillows are just lovely :)

  5. Jayne, the pillows are pretty spectacular if you ask me.

    I'm going to have to get some for my home!


  6. Congratulations to Pete and Mike. I wish them all the best of success with their new business. Their pillows shown here on your site are lovely and the patterns are so unique. Heading over to check out their site. Thanks for the intro :)

  7. Sure thing Paula! I hope you like their selections!


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