Raspberries & Yogurt

I'm going to be picking raspberries this afternoon because they are ripe, plump and simply juicy.  Whenever I see those wild raspberry canes coming out of the ground I try to be as patient as possible, but it's hard.  The raspberries around our home are the tastiest I've ever had in my entire life.  Their deep jewel-like red coloring is absolutely amazing, so I waste no time in picking whatever I can.  

One thing you must understand is that this task has to be done with bare hands.  I've tried using gardening gloves, but it's pointless and frustrating.  The ripe berries disintegrate under the weight of the gloves, so I have to be extra careful with my hands.  Yes, I do get nicked by the thorny canes and I do get spider bites sometimes, but it's worth it to me because I get to bring these tasty fruits into my home to enjoy.

I've posted how I love to have these raspberries in the past, so I thought of showing you those images again.  

You've been warned.  This is tempting...

Although these were picked last year, they are still as captivating this season.  I can't wait!

Mixing pure maple syrup with Greek yogurt is always good, but so is a bit of honey if you don't have syrup.  I don't like my yogurt too sweet which is why I prefer to sweeten to taste.  The tartness of the berries is a good contrast.

 Here's a nice snack.  This is 1/2 cup of sweetened yogurt with a handful of berries from our home.

 I told you it was tempting...

OK, I have to go now and pick some berries.  

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer!!


  1. My favorite; raspberries and yogurt! Actually, Chobani makes an awesome lemon yogurt that is tart and just slightly sweet. Perfect for raspberries...or blueberries...or strawberries...

  2. Nancy, I LOVE Chobani Greek yogurt! I'll have to look for that lemon flavored one. Lemon anything is always a hit with me! :)


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