Martha by Mail ~ Dog Cookie Cutters Set I

Adorable dog cookie cutters in five charming shapes were available from Martha by Mail many years ago.  Any dog lover, baker & collector will adore having these cutters in their possession, because they make deliciously whimsical cookies any time of year.  Pretty enough to make it to the Westminster Dog Show and win Best in Breed, these iced cookies will surely please the most discriminating dog owner.

Set I had a spotted Dalmatian with a pointed tail ready to lead, a fluffy Poodle with prominent pom poms, a furry Collie with such a gorgeous coat, an adorable Dachshund with tiny legs and an elongated body, and of course, the lovable and cobby Bulldog with it's tiny tail.  I've seen these make charming favors for birthday parties and as cake decorations, but they can be used for just about any type of celebration if put on platters or packaged up in clever boxes or cellophane bags.  Why not surprise the staff at the veterinary's office the next time you take your dog in for a check up?  

Use a wonderful cookie recipe to bake the shapes and then find a tasty icing to work with.  Mix your favorite colors and begin designing true-to-life doggies or decorate eccentric pooches.  

Visit my Monthly Cookie column for great recipes to help you make special cookies.

Have fun baking and creating!

Decorating Card

The open back cutters in their original box.

  • To decorate the dachshund, outline and flood the cookie with a smooth coating of thin royal icing, and allow it to dry.  Brighten it up by outlining the body, ear and eye with thick white icing.  Dots for a nose and eye make it ready for show.
  • Polka dots make a perky poodle.  Begin with a smooth layer of icing; let dry.  Outline and fill the pom poms (the round tufts of "fur") with a contrasting color.  While the icing is still wet, add large, evenly spaced dots in a lighter shade and tiny dark spots.

Dotted Dachshund
  • Give a darling dog a dappled coat.  Apply a layer of icing; while wet, pipe three rows of spots.  Immediately dot darker icing on each spot, and add a nose and eye.  When dry, pipe a floppy ear and tiny spots in between large spots.
Curly Poodle
  • To make the prettiest poodle, begin with a smooth layer of icing; let dry.  Use thick icing to pipe tiny curls on the pom poms; while wet, flock with sanding sugar.

  • To make a brindled bulldog, pipe a curvy line from belly to back.  Flood behind the line with icing, spreading it up over the hind leg.  Use the same shade for a floppy ear.  While the icing is still wet, cover the remaining surfaces with a lighter color of icing.  When the icing is dry, use a small tip to add a jowl, a lazy half-moon eye and a nose.
  • This dalmatian sparkles with sugar.  First, flood the entire cookie with icing.  While still wet, add clusters of dark spots, one cluster to form an ear.  Flock with sanding sugar and allow to dry, then add a single dot for an eye.

  • A collie with a cozy coat is easy to make.  Outline a face and mane with contoured edges; flood with thin royal icing.  While the icing is wet, flood the remaining surfaces with a darker shade, allowing the two shades to run together.  When completely dry, use a dark shade of thick icing to outline a perky ear and make an eye.  
  • Tiny dots make a lovely labrador; an outline makes him stand out.  Begin with a smooth, even layer of icing.  Allow the icing to dry, then outline the body, ear, and eye with thick icing in a darker shade.  Pipe evenly spaced clusters of tiny dots over the coat and ear.


  1. I've always wanted this particular set of Martha cutters! What creative shapes for sure. If only I had bought them when they were available.

  2. These cookie cutters are really special. Don't worry, I understand completely your frustration with not having bought certain things from Martha by Mail.

  3. Antor,

    I wish my cats were as obedient as your Jimmy! There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not fending them off our food! Haha.



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