Martha by Mail ~ Baby Shower Cookie Cutters

A nice way to announce the impending arrival of baby is to have a shower for all to celebrate.  Why not do it with a little bit of sweetness in the form of a cookie?  Using the Baby Shower Cookie Cutters from the discontinued Martha by Mail catalog, delightful edibles can be made with cute details and colors.  I’m very fortunate to be able to present to you this wonderful set of collectible cookie cutters for reference, so that you can plan & make a baby shower for a loved one.  

As you may or may not know, many of the cookie cutters made by an Indiana coppersmith for Martha by Mail are now considered highly collectible.  I’m not entirely surprised by this fact, because their quality and enduring charm will always capture the imagination of bakers & collectors for generations to come.  Thanks to my dear friend, Aurelia, I now own the Baby Shower set.  These particular cutters are going to be used to create many good memories for my friends & family in the future.  I promise.  

Five open-backed copper cutters come in the shapes of a rubber ducky, a onesie, a stork, a baby bottle, and a baby bath mitt.  All five images can be used to create delicious favors for guests, decorated with royal icing in pastel colors.  Add a pink-colored theme for a baby girl or a light blue ensemble for a baby boy.  If you're unsure about what baby will be, go with neutral yellows or light greens.  Whatever you create, make the cookies adorable and make them your own.  Everyone is going to want these!

"Use royal icing to decorate your baby cookies to look like the ones on the front of this card.  You will also need gel food coloring in several colors, a pastry bag fitted with a small round tip, an offset spatula, and sanding sugar."

The open back cookie cutters.  
Absolutely Adorable!

Martha by Mail Stamp

Even the inside of the box was traced with the cutter shapes.

The bath mitt is flooded in white royal icing and is given a light blue heart in the middle.  It's left to dry.  Raised dots are added around the mitt and around the heart after the floodwork has dried.

The rubber ducky is flooded in yellow royal icing and the beak is done in a shade of orange.  After this has dried, a bead of royal icing is traced all around the body, beak and wing.  A tiny eye is piped.  

The baby bottle is flooded in peach-colored royal icing and is given white dots while it is still wet.  This is left to dry.  The top of the bottle is flooded in yellow royal icing.  When it is dry, you can wrap a piece of gingham ribbon.

That adorable onese is flooded in blue royal icing and the openings of it are done in white royal icing.  After it is left to dry, tiny raised dots are piped around the little garment.  Cute!

The stork's body is flooded in white sanding sugar and is immediately flocked in fine sanding sugar.  The legs and beak are also flooded.  Pipe a small blue dot for an eye.


  1. What I would do to own those cookie cutters! I didn't even know that they existed. Amazing to discover something new.

  2. I love that set (and am still desperate to find it to add to my collection!) Every time I see it I think it needs a bib! Maybe because it makes me drool, drool, drool! Ha ha!


  3. Charles, it is nice to discover something new! I hope you stick around.

    Janet, I KNOW you want a set of these cutters for your collection!!!! As for a bib, I think you're absolutely right ...there should be one. Definitely on the "to-do" list.

    Stop drooling!! :)


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